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Sal_vager is leaving to travel the world. 

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Have fun, @sal_vager, a rather long time ago I spent the better part of a year bumming around Asia, and had a blast. Any rough itinerary for your travels? You might consider a non-moderator limited forum access, you never know where you might have someone to interact while traveling around---it's always cool to see things from a local POV.

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Ok this leave smells very very fishy. I don't want to make a decision for or against but until I've got something more concrete to stand on. Squad knows no bounds to quench their Foolish humor. Considering this thread is 22 hours old, and that this isn't worthy of a Devpost leads me to believe that something is up...

However seeing as it's the appropriate action in this circumstance; I wish Sal the best of luck on his travels wherever they may be and that when he can, that he can enlighten us of his adventures. I have spent many hours talking to him via IRC and PM in my time here.

So best of travels.

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I really don't have the words to say how much I'm going to miss having sal around (which, for those who know me, is really saying something).

Like @Vanamonde, I'm a very non-assertive person who tends to get freaked out by conflict, and never would have imagined I'd end up moderating a community on the Internet.  Nor have I ever really participated in any internet community other than this forum right here.  The KSP forums are what coaxed me into being a "public figure," and they could only do that by being a warm, welcoming, and above all friendly place to be.  It's remarkable that they can be that way, and stay that way, given what a dog-eat-dog place so much of the Internet is.

All of us do our part to build this community and make it the kind of place that it is-- but I'd say that @sal_vager, probably more than any other single person, is personally responsible for helping to keep this forum as positive and encouraging as it is.

I've loved being here on this forum (and will continue to do so).  I've loved finding, in the moderator team, a circle of friends (and will continue to enjoy that, too).  I look forward to working with new moderators in the future.

But I'm going to miss sal terribly, much as I'm happy for him that he's chasing his dreams.

Best wishes, sal, and don't be a stranger.  The door's always open.


(And to anyone who keeps speculating about April Fools:  no.  It's just an unfortunate coincidence.  Joking about something this serious would be a jerk move, and we're not jerks.  It's sad enough to see sal leaving anyway, for those of us who work with him every week, so please show a little tact, huh?)

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I will repost here my comment from the daily kerbal...


@sal_vager I sincerely hope your example of attitude and style regarding forum moderation persists in the wake of your departure. Best of luck in whatever and wherever you go.


Oh, and one more thing: @sal_vager, it's probably appropriate for you to NOT turn out the lights when you leave. :wink:

good luck @sal_vager !!!!!!!!!
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So as everyone may know by now (I just got back from a school trip so this is like getting hit in the gut with a sledgehammer), but mister @sal_vager is leaving us. This thread is going to (hopefully) be a place where people can leave little letters or wished of farewell to the man, the myth, and the legend all rolled up into one.

Here's mine;


Dear @sal_vager,

It's sad to see you go. You made this community what it is, and it's going to feel real hard letting you go. I remember the first time we made contact, and I was like "OMG A STAFF MEMBER YIPPEE!!!" (I don't remember how long ago this was). Turns out, it was just because I had done a boo-boo with a comment and he rectified it. Now, our main encounters are mainly in the "Guess who will reply next" thread, as well as certain other threads to nuke them from orbit.

You've been a great staff member and a wonderful friend (If I can call you that without getting myself nuked from orbit as well). Thanks for everything.

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Oh man, I'm late for the party. And it seems I'm the only moderator with a different avatar, that has to be fixed as soon as I get out of mobile!

Yeah guys, this ain't April fools, it's the real deal. 

Sal, you're a great guy. I had respect for you when I was just a regular user, and it only grew after I got to know you a little better and see all the work you put behind the scenes. You're a good guy, and I think a lot of the good spirit of this forum is thanks to you.

You've taught me a lot about moderation. Luckily, the mod team still has @Snark's wisdom :D 

Have a great journey, bro. You know you can crash on my couch anytime you decide to drag your trip to South America :) 

Aw man, I'm out having a beer with my wife, I just logged on to see what was up and now my eyes are all watering up... I knew this goodbye was coming, but it still feels like goodbye. :(

All I can say is don't worry: the forum is in good hands :) 

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@sal_vager, sad to see you go. Ever since the Great Exodus took place, I took great comfort in seeing your name in the online list. I'll have to look for another shining beacon now. I hope you enjoy the experiences that life throws at you and that you'll be well.

Best of luck :)

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On 2017-03-31 at 8:07 PM, sal_vager said:

I have one simple rule that guided me throughout moderation, "how much harm does this do to the community", that's it.

People make mistakes, they forget, they don't mean any harm, so a tap on the shoulder is enough.

Others come here to make trouble.

Go with your gut, it's not hard, treat our friends as they would treat us, a reminder is enough.

Well said.

Best of luck Sal, and I hope you have a blazing great time in your travels and new adventures. You will be missed.

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Oh no, I was wondering why everyone was borrowing Sal Vager's profile pic!

Well, I have to say. When I first signed on to the forums a year ago, I was only planning on making the one post. But the amazing people, and enlightening conversations compelled me to stick around... The only way to get that on the internet is with bonsai-pruning levels of care and patience from the mods. Thanks to you @sal_vager for leading the charge, and thanks to all the moderators for their continued effort. Signing in really does brighten my days.

Enjoying the adventure of travel is a great reason to go do something new. Enjoy the sights, the conversations, and the many kinds of cheese!

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