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The Extraction Challenge!

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Please overlook the fact I was listening to Initial D's soundtrack for speed inspiration. Also, it's a little blurry full screen because I play in a window *shrug* 

I originally managed this: i8gAEtf.jpg

....But then I realised to my shock that I'd paused the recording and didn't fire it back up for that attempt. So...


I didn't realise I had to name my craft. I shall call it "Do you like my Plane?" for the sake of irony.

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@Toastie_Buns Great entry, thats the fastest so far, well done! I will add you to the leaderboard Shortly. 

In other news, I just shaved off 10 seconds redoeing my run. with the Backpack bonus that makes 1:29 seconds! Looks like convential VTOLs arent to bad after all.


(sorry my button mashing didnt catch me completely stopped in 1:54, but I did.)

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I'll submit mine on either Wednesday or Thursday. I can probably get most of the bonuses with my small 30-ish part vtol that I somehow crammed 8 vertical engine, 8 sas and a horizontal thruster onto. Sorry I don't mean to brag, but I'm very happy with the design since it can fly normally or as a vtol

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Hello, this is a general progress uptdate, I'm currently working on a hard mode, wherein you shoot a turret located on the top of the VAB before extracting the scientists, at night. I'm also trying to figure out how to make a badge, because they are in this season. :D

@ShadowGoat Sounds good, would you mind submitting its craft file along with your submission? (off topic: can we do a few a battle turns on Wednesday?) I need to post my favourite craft I have ever made, the M-7 Phoenix. The only reason it's not my go to craft for this thread is that it only has space for one, though thinking about about it I could probably cram the 2 scientists onto the one ladder...

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5 hours ago, Eidahlil said:

My cunning plan of scooping up the scientists with an open cargo ramp did not quite work out, but perhaps what's left of it will be considered worthy of the alternate leaderboard?


I am unsure if I qualify for the Backpack bonus, or a Reverse Michael Bay bonus.


I did the same thing (with a diferent craft obviously) and thought It didn't count lol


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Ok I'll make an entry with a slightly modified version of my E-50B Triton heli. It's got unneeded equipment (mainly a mk3 crew cabin and several tons of fuel) and my piloting wasn't perfect, so I could probably improve my score at some point


I mounted seats on a cubic strut frame to the port sponson, so they're easy to access. Also reduced the fuel load somewhat to increase speed and reduce response time. I might have removed more, but I discovered the rotor system doesn't like strong maneuvering with low weight. I need to investigate that


Rauuun! Gaoooow! Geeht to da choppa!


Quick takeoff with engines in full get-the-fudge-out mode



Stopped at runway at 2:09.

I guess I get "This is a Backpack? Then where's m-" bonus for -25 seconds, resulting in a final time of 1:44.







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17 minutes ago, EpicSpaceTroll139 said:

Nope. You need to use some kind of image hosting site like imgur (note that you don't need an account to use imgur).

oh ok!

Wait, How?

-nevermind- got it!!!!!!


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I managed a slightly better time! I also managed a 1 minute time, but the video was awful.
Still, no chutes were needed, so I finally get those sweet bonus points!

All I can say is THANK YOU BASED GAS, GAS, GAS! I knew the secret to this was the OST.

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Finally got to this.

At first I thought to built a VTOL but the competition is steep.

I had to resort to a flying car. (Unimaginatively called Flying Car 2.4)

A few mistakes were made. Like almost loosing control on the final run.


My time: 1m50s

EDIT: Not sure of my time.

The video is over 3 mins long but my MET timer gives 1:50 1:53 as it was lagging...

The PC isn't that fast and recording makes it even slower....



Edit on the EDIT: If this were a photo essay it would stand at 1:50 1:53....So I guess it is 1:50 1:53....Do not really care it was fun.

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I gave this a shot. Video below (you might want to turn the volume down)

Time - 1:43 - 25(backpack) -15(no VTOL) = 1:03 (I didnt really have vertical propulsion, instead flying vertically... i guess that counts right?)

Bloopers (if you really like that kind of stuff. There was a lot of practice flying)


Also, if anybody is wondering about video capture and editing, video capture was NVIDIA shadowplay and editing was done in lightworks

EDIT: Forgot craft name, its called the "Mosquito 4M2"

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@EpicSpaceTroll139 Didn't see your entry in till now, that was amazing! I was waiting for someone to do a full on helicopter-rotors-still-spinning helicopter Extraction, and a really impressive score to boot. I would have done mine with the Extraction Helicopter, it (in theory) works perfectly but it's just so damn hard to fly!

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@SpaceBadger007 Workin on it literally this this second!

Edit: I just finished hard mode. In it you must first shoot a parked VTOL (stock, NO BD ARMOURY) on the roof of the VAB before extracting the scientists, at night. It is really hard, especially if you haven't done in atmo missile stuff before. As a stock vehicle I have retrofitted the M-7 Phoenix, a VTOL I built back in alpha that is still going strong now. Here is my Entry: 

Taking off i power towards the VAB.


Now this is the hard bit. It took me around 10-15 tries to consistently hit the VTOL. Dropping the Weapons pod as they are just dead weight now, I swing round to the roof.


After swinging the camera around to confirm its destruction, I pick up the scientists.


As there isn't space and I wanted to really scare the scientists, they are both attached to one small ladder.


I come in slowly (thinking about it I probably could have cut off a few seconds here) to not knock off the scientists.


Landing, my time is 2:29. Though scientist fell off on touchdown, the craft and both scientists are completely stopped on the runway, so it counts. (The navball shows 0.3ms in relation to the target, which I didn't realise until going through the screenshot to upload them, though i was completely stopped in relation the the surface) With the Backpack bonus, that makes my time 2.24. Here is the hard mode save download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8ovi10fb9ym8gki/AABpjvgTXArHhsoP0SzjqghDa?dl=0


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You can take the missiles off the M-7 Phoenix if you want. (Also, since shooting things in stock atmo is pretty hard, you don't have to destroy the VTOL, just destroy or knock knock off at least one part of it, which you can check with f3)

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