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KSP Challenge: Space Station Week!

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My unfinished soviet slyle station which I was expanding once in a while for past 6 month or so when there is some free time during studies.

Going to make american style multi module deep space ship and dock it to the station. I have already designed it, just need to launch and assemble.

Sorry for potato quality, this is made on a laptop.


And an album:


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12 hours ago, StahnAileron said:

And maybe change the title to something else from Challenge... Dunno what... "Space Call"? "Launch Call"? It's just "Challenge" seems a bit of a misnomer at this point.

So far it does seem to be more of a "Weekly Show Off: (insert theme here)"

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After seeing all these amazing works of art my station is truly an embarrassment  but I'll be damned if I wasted 7 hours for nothing so here's Fhloston Paradise orbiting minmus, room for 147 kerbal 17761041_1735253036488690_71353839382911

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8 hours ago, StrandedonEarth said:

So far it does seem to be more of a "Weekly Show Off: (insert theme here)"

The first one was a challenge this one is just show what you've made at some point in time. Unfortunate but fun to look at all the same

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My Kerbals had lately a giant station around Duna in my modded careergame. Around 50 Kerbals had the pleasure colonising Duna for the win!
All parts transferred constellation style, very amusing mission.:D
Looks like my Kerbals don`t care a lot about symmetry.
- "What is symmetry?" - Bill Kerman during construction...


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I can't possibly match the creativity or the humor of some of these designs, but here is my submission. I don't play realistically and I use KJR mod and I usually build them in entirely in VBA and cheat them to orbit. But this one was actually built from several parts. Started with a simple core. Maybe because of that this was also my favorite.






This station is less exciting. It's the current home for my Kerbals. It does have several joints and extra ports that will allow to break it apart for further expansion in all directions but this one already is giving me low framerates.








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One of my favorite space stations that I've built is Starbase Alpha (from 0.90, I think). It's modular!


The central "hub" module holds plenty of monopropellant, eight docking spokes for small ships, and two large docking ports at the top and bottom. Docked above is a mobile habitat section with a lab and crew quarters; docked below is an uncrewed "space tug" for moving other things around. A pair of Bananana-class replaceable fuel pods are attached to two of the docking spokes. In the foreground is an orbital skiff that can ferry up to six kerbalnauts and their equipment between Starbase Alpha and larger ships in nearby orbits.


Another picture, closer up but not everything visible:


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More recently I've been using the USI Life Support mod and having a lot of fun setting up infrastructure to feed everybody. Here's my Orbital Greenhouse, with eight hydroponics domes for processing "mulch" into delicious N.O.M.S.


Uncrewed food freighters pick up mulch from various other space stations and bring it here, then deliver the food produced in the hydroponics domes back to those space stations.



The biggest of those stations is Minmus Orbital Command, which serves as a habitat for explorers, a storage depot for fuel and food, a long-distance communications relay, and a clearing-house for experiments brought back from the surface until a science shuttle delivers them to Kerbin. Shown here also is a tanker in the process of delivering fuel to the station from a mining/refining base on the surface.


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Something simple but at the same time very satisfying. It was a contract from the bases and stations contract mod to build a space hotel.

So I decided to build a building - in space. Sort of.



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Not the prettiest but it is my current functional station.



The small craft with the ion engines is a emergency escape craft or one man crew transport.  It is remotely piloted so no need for skills to pilot this thing.  And has over 4km/s D/V.

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Assembly tug maneuvering around. Foreground are the 2 lab modules, then the DOS-TKS (first launch module). The centrifuge habitat, airlocks, hydrolox depot, and solar array are above.








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Well... still considering one of my best "replicas": the ISS and Space Shuttle together. (Obviously tons of mods here)








But much older (KSP 0.90) there was also an almost complete MIR. This is about at the time when the first Shuttle that docked with the real one (STS-71).


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As seen on the USI-MKS thread, Asteroid Station "Omega". Built to be an orbital refinery around Dres to resupply and refuel ships heading to the Outer Planets, I'm amazed I got this monster into the sky in a single launch. It's also Doing Science on-orbit and relaying comm signals.


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