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Good day to all.

I've gotten a bit back into KSP once more; been launching satellites for an RT comm network/constellation in the Kerbin system as well as my first real space station. (The only other "station" I ever attempted was just an orange tank with basic craft utilities bolted on as a fuel depot...)

For once I wasn't using SSTO spaceplanes that much. (Just for the initial three KEO sats for a basic network so unmanned launchers could be used without issue.) Lots of rockets this time. (Seems I've gotten pretty decent at doing gravity turns using KER readouts and mimicking what I saw the GravityTurn mod does...) Lots of rockets = lots of fairings. Suffice to say, I got sick of adjusting the fairing settings to my personal default every time I grabbed one from the parts list. :mad: Module manager to the rescue! :D

I made catch-all MM CFG where you can change a few settings to whatever you like so you can save yourself some time in the long run:

  • Number of Sides
  • Ejection Force
  • Clamshell Usage
  • Max Length of Sections
  • Visibility of the Interstage Nodes and Truss

Here is the MM CFG itself:

//	This MM Config sets some defaults for your fairings so you don't have to all the time.

//	The FINAL is there because I make all my personalized MM configs run last after all the mod configs.
//	I figure it makes sure I catch all changes and mod parts that use/apply/edit the same settings I'm modifying.
//	Probably safe to remove if you wish.
		%nArcs 			= 2 	//	Number of fairing sides. In-game Editor Tweakable Limits: 2-6
		%ejectionForce 	= 1000 	//	Self-explanatory. In-game Editor Tweakable Limits: 0-1000
		%useClamshell 	= True 	//	Self-explanatory: True/False
		//	The next setting controls the max length of each section.
		//	I'm applying a multiplier here to the part's stat.
		//	If you want a hard number, delete the *.
		//	Not a normal tweakable, so I don't know the limits.
		@xSectionHeightMax *= 3
	@MODULE[ModuleStructuralNode],*	//	Needs indexing wildcard here since each node is using an instance of this module.
		%visibilityState = False	//	Visibility of the Truss(?): True/False (Related to "showMesh" below; change in tandem.)
		%showMesh 	= False 	//	Visibility of the Truss: True/False (Related to "visibilityState" above; change in tandem.)
		%showNodes 	= False 	//	Visibility of Nodes: True/False

As you can see, I made sure to annotate it with notes so you (and I) know (remember...) what does what. Just copy it into a plain text file (.txt), then rename it to a .cfg file.

I really wish the stock part configs had more notes in them... Where do people get info about modules and such to make proper configs? :confused: The official Wiki is kinda half-assed and mildly out-of-date.

License is PUBLIC DOMAIN. (It's just a practical config file with some commentary from me...) I'd stick up a file download, but I don't really have anywhere to place it; it's just a text file anyway. (Seems like overkill for me to upload this to something like SpaceDock.)

BTW, the config looked A LOT nicer in NotePad++ :( (Tab spacing here is bigger.)

I have a couple of other genericized MM CFGs I made for myself. Dunno if anyone would be interested in them, though:

  • RemoteTech Probe Core Support - Adds SPU and passive antenna to any unmanned command module from any mod.
  • RealPlume "Engage" Audio  - Changes the activation sound for RealPlume'd engines (because I shouldn't hear an explosion when at zero throttle and turning an engine bank back on. Too loud for my tastes.)
  • SurfaceLight Replacement - Just replaces the stock ModuleLight with the module from the mod SurfaceLights and sets a default color.

I technically have a generic MechJeb config (adds it to all command modules), but I got that off the forum here (MechJeb Embedded).

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