Interstellar Grand Tour Using Only Stock Parts

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Easy Mode: Do a manned flyby of every body in the Antares system found in this mod. You may only use stock parts and stock game mechanics. The only other mods allowed are visual aid mods such as Kerbal Engineer and Trajectories. Then return all astronauts safely to Kerbin.

Normal Mode: Do a grand tour of the Kerbol system on the way home.

Hard Mode: Land on everything except the stars and gas giants. Do atmospheric flights of the gas giants.

Extra Hard Mode: Do the same with the Kerbol system.

Ultra Hard Mode: Impress me.

How to Impress Me: Figure it out.


*BTW This must be done in KSP 1.2.2.

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Easy mode is a flyby of EVERY body? That's not easy, that's junior Manley. Besides that though, sounds pretty good. I would recommend a mod that adds more time warp options, however.

Also, first comment!!

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I've finished the normal mode with the skyrider


I missed Moho :/

It's a massive SSTA that can land anywhere except Eve and Tylo

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