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[1.3] MaErDa Corp Showcase V0.97


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MaErDa is Out of Bussiness !

Too many kerbal are deads resulting from our experiments.


We are thankfull for the 7000 curious ksp fans

who tried our unpolished Ksp's mod pack.


We are sorry for the bugs or unbalanced parts, that's why we close bussiness to focus on few polished parts with the new skills we learn in 2017.



If you are a fan of somes MaErDa's parts and you want to repair/balance/mod them to fit your needs; direct message me on my Sketchfab :


Become a Patreon Of Warsoulbtn_donateCC_LG.gif

MaErDa Corp Beta Tester Pack is a 50+ parts Add-on for veterans players who want something new to play with.
This mod is designed to add a new visual experience with a futuristic look inspired by the lastest Nasa designs and prototypes.
If you appreciate what I create, please consider donating me a water bottle, you can make a donation by PayPal !
Comments and feedbacks are welcome ! Enjoy !
All Rights Reserved but feel free to contact me for updating or modifying MaErDa mods.

Click image to Download



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Secret files Leaked

Massive Ordinance Air Sonic Blast


Mother Of All Sick Bomb

A quick reconversion of Executor 2 Engine into an Massive Ordinance Air Sonic Blast used to bomb Minmus for tracking Warnitium’s Echos. Must be paired with an Orbital + Ground Scanners and be droped in precises locations for good results.


The Fast Way to return Biologicals Samples to Kerbin or cause a disaster !



BioHazard Container designed to ship biological discoveries from the outer space.

Mounted on a Executor Engine Type 2.

Secret files Leaked

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