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한국어 포스트 테스트

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On 2017/6/5 at 1:21 PM, Shockrex said:


Excited! Most of Korean Kerbals have been posting in Naver KSP forum, maybe NEARLY NONE of 'em know KSP official forum.

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Just found out why no korean KSPers weren't on this forum...thought they just didn't use korean much.네이버에 있다는 생각을 잠시 못했네요!(이런!)

(저도 한국에 삽니다! 온라인상에서 주로 영어 써서 그렇지)

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(sigh) There are 12,000 korean KSP users on their forum, but almost none here. Mmaybe we should go there and notify them? I mean, this forum is bigger and has more mods on it and is monitored by squad.

흐아아아. 네이버 포럼에는 12,00 유저가 있는데 여기에는 한국인들이 거의 없네요... 아마 그쪽에 가서 여기에 대해 알려줄까요?

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