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I was thinking about the following suggestion as a mod first, but then I realized that it would have a huge impact on the "Making History" expansion because it provides the ability to organize the space program. Nevertheless, I think it should be part of the core game as it can be utilized by many Mods.

I would like to see a new class or namespace (I'm not so familiar with C# yet) which provides functions to assign vessels to groups and organize those groups. The groups should provide functions to alter the behavior of their members. E.g. change "load distance" and "pack distance", alter the color of the "patched conics", prevent any interaction with the vessel (for rescue missions), hide vessel Markers,...

A UI to use the groups can be implemented in the Mission builder of "Making History" and the tracking station. By the way "Tracking Station" should be called "Mission Control" :wink:

To provide a competitive "role play" gameplay style these groups could be organized in a tree structure. Any specified behavior will override the behavior specified in the parent group. And those groups could keep track of Kerbals, contracts, funds,... implement commnet restrictions between groups (No science over foreign networks)

I would like to know what other modders think about this suggestion and maybe you could provide more ideas to improve the suggestion.

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