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[1.3] [V0.2] [Kopernicus] Rangers Planet Pack: EVE and New Star!!!

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Welcome to the Rangers Planet Pack forum page.

Lets meet the new bodies:

- First is Kerbol, the sun at the center of the Kerbol System.

- Verna; a dwarf planet close to Dres that is heavily cratered with sharp ridges

- Purl is a Gas Giant a bit smaller than Jool bit it has something Jool doesnt: A ring!!!

- Furmal is a moon of Purl but it looks very similar to a moon you already know

- Loko, a brownish moon of Purl that gets a great veiw of the Purple Giant

- Reda a terrestial planet in a very inclined orbit of Kerbol

- Redan is a moon of Reda with a very large mountain

- Ica is a rogue planet orbiting The Centre

- Icat is a moon in orbit of Ica

- Hilto; a red star not to far from Kerbol

- Halao is the only known exoplanet around Hilto


V0.2 Changelog:

- Sun renamed and no longer gives off light

- Added Reda, Redan, Hilto, Halao, Botos

- Added partial EVE compatibility

- Moved start location of Ica 




Furmal and Purl:




Landed on Ica:


Development thread:



Thanks to:

@MeerkatMan25 for Science Defs

@Eudae55 for Purl texture

@StarCrusher96 for inspiring me

@Gameslinx for helping me improve my skills

@The White Guardian for his brilliant Kopernicus Tutorials

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The main part of version 0.2 is going to be the indroduction of custom contracts (THESE WILL NOT BE COMPLETE FOR 0.2). Between then and now i will release updates that will alter  planets from the initial release and add some mod compatibility. EVE clouds MAY be added during this time.

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On 23/04/2017 at 11:07 PM, Solar Ranger said:

A complete overhaul of Verna is almost finished. For the next release it will be almost unrecognisable!!!

I hope that's in a good way :P




Trust me my planets were horrible at the start of my own mod (I'm looking at you, Niebos), I can't wait to see the new texture.

Want me to do anything to help with compatability?

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V0.1.1 Has Been Released


- Moved Verna's orbit
- Changed Verna's height configs
- Changed Verna Color and Normal Maps
- Added Biomes to Verna
- Custom Science Defs for Verna

Enjoy the Update!!!! Verna should now be fully Career Ready!!!

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Part of the next update is replacing Zurbo-A's corona. I have tried but I cant make a corona that looks good. If there is anyone who would like to help with some texture work for this mod (mainly star coronas) please send me a PM

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V0.1.2 Released!!!


- Added Rings to Purl
- Changed texture and normal maps for Loko ann Furmal.
- Addde Biomes for Loko
- Changed texture for Purl
- Added Rings to Ica (Texture is Temporary)
- Removed entire Zurbo System

Thanks to @Eudae55 for the new Purl texture from the Gas Giants Textures Forum Page

Enjoy the Mod!!!

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V0.1.3 has been released!!!


- Changed texture and normal maps for Loko and Ica

- Changed Ica's ring texture.


Please note Verna is currently the only body with a custom biome map but I am working on the other biome maps

Landed on Ica:


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