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Allright my idea is the following:

A customisable hud in the style of mobile devices.

When you initially setup your hud it's empty and you can choose a grid size matching your preferences and scrensize like 50 x 40 for a normal screen and 100x80 for 4k screens, all depending on how big you want your hud.

Then you got a button to "add app/widget" and apps/widgets in this case are the different elements of your hud.

Gameclock, App-Bar, Navball, Stagelist etc are all "apps" or "widgets" you can choose different sizes and styles and drag them on the screenposition you want.

So for example if you want a big digital altimeter you choose "5x5 altimeter" and drag it to the position you want it in and if you then would also like that oldschool mechanic one you select it, maybe a smaller size (3x3 ...) and you stick it next to it.

That would make your hud 100% customisable and also provide a good possibility for mods to add stuff easy.


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Or are we talking implementing a HUD on an actual mobile device?   There's a mod for that, but it takes a lot of coding on the user's device end to implement it. 



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I'd love this, if I could have my main screen with no hud and all the instruments on an auxiliary device like a tablet or phone that would be awesome. Whether by mod or stock feature. 

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