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How to alter XP points in a savegame file?


Hi Everybody?

The question

Is there a way to give existing kerbals moar XP points by editing the savegame? I found these lines of code, but that didn't do much. ( I haven't altered everything yet)

			name = Bill Kerman
			gender = Male
			type = Crew
			trait = Engineer
			brave = 0.5
			dumb = 0.800000012
			badS = False
			veteran = True
			tour = False
			state = Assigned
			inactive = False
			inactiveTimeEnd = 0
			gExperienced = 0
			outDueToG = False
			ToD = 0
			idx = 0
			extraXP = 0
				flight = 1
				0 = Recover
				flight = 1
				1 = Flight,Kerbin
				1 = Suborbit,Kerbin
				1 = Orbit,Kerbin
				1 = Escape,Kerbin
				1 = Flyby,Sun
				1 = Orbit,Sun
				1 = Flyby,Duna
				1 = Escape,Duna
				1 = Flight,Duna
				1 = Suborbit,Duna
				1 = Orbit,Duna



My savegame got corrupted after I accidentally upgraded my KSP to 1.2.9 pre-release. :( Reverting back to version 1.2.2 didn't help either, so I started over and cheated my way back to where I left off.

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You're in the right spot. You may either need to get them back to KSC or run them through a MPL.

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XP comes from the science multipliers for each body. I believe KSP only records the "flight log" of each astronauts and then calculates the xp based on the science multipliers of each body.

So you need to either edit the flight log to add more locations/landed or use Kopernicus and edit the science multipliers for some of the bodies (but I don't know how to do that)

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thanks. i copied jebs' log to bills' and this had an effect on the total amount of experience the kerbal had.

so this is the place to alter the xp points!

i wasn't able to get it done by altering the stats of the initial save file.

i think i would  also have to include a "recover" line in the flight log in order to get the xp. but i haven't tested that yet.

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