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When we left kerbin: a kerbal fan fiction series: EPISODE 8

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on this thread i will post my KSP fan fiction series

NOTE: i have school so the majority of when new content would be added could be during weekends, breaks, and summer. (Even then i may have other things to do)

NOTE 2: If you are experienced on these forums. I would like some help on how to create links to replies. Just gotta think ahead encase this series ever goes anywhere.



Thank you for reading this and please hold firm as i add more content over time.

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Same here, except a story is only sitting on the back-burner at this point.

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When we left kerbin Episode 1

“Jebs idea”



The CO yelled. 5 Seconds later every kerbal that was part of the UKSAFs (United kerbal states air force) Experimental aircraft pilot division was standing at attention at their bunks.






With that Jeb and the rest of his unit ran to the locker room and began to put there jumpsuits on.

As jeb began to put his jumpsuit on he stopped for a moment deep in thought.


“Okay so heres some people trying us out for a program. And there obviously gonna throw us one by one into a Aeris 3A to prove our skills”


“You know how long that will take don't you?” Jeb thought to himself..


“Why stand in a line for 30 minutes and then sit in a trainer aircraft for a hour? When we could prove ourselves with a simple feat?” Jeb continued to think to himself


“Okay if i agreed with you what would we even do?” Jeb thought back to himself


“Maybe take a prototype aircraft for a spin? Break the sound barrier? Do some fancy loops?” Jeb thought


“Do you know how liquided our CO would be if we just took a expensive aircraft?” Jeb thought again


“Oh come on where's your adventurous taste?”Jeb thought finally


Jeb remained in thought for 10 more seconds before going back to putting his gear on.

Jeb left the locker room with the rest of the unit. But then he began to run the opposite direction of the rally yard, towards the hangers, with his flight gear in hand.


It was a beautiful day at the green sands proving grounds runway.

The runway there is often referd too by base personal  as “area 110011”.

The  runway is quite massive, the largest runway on kerbin as a matter of fact so 

 Its little wonder that its the star of the show for the proving grounds.

Many a experimental aircraft has took off, landed (and crashed) on it.


Jeb finally made his way to a hanger and ran in to see one mechanic working on a Thunderbirds droppable fuel tanks.


“Hey sir just making some last minute repairs.” stated the mechanic

"I thought Dartmound was supposed to be taking this today?” the mechanic asked

“He's late. Your CO forget to wake em up?” The mechanic said with a laugh.


“Nah just a change of plan. I trust you can get this thing in a flyable state?” Replied Jeb.


“Sure just gotta complete my repairs on the fuel tanks transfer lines that's all”


As the mechanic said this, Jeb began to walk to the back of the aircraft.

He then began to overlook the engine.


Typically the Thunderbird is outfitted with a J-404 engine.

However this Thunderbird was a test bed for the probability of a sound breaking fighter.

To make the already fast Thunderbird reach these speeds. This aircraft was outfitted with a J-X4 engine. The aircraft had been flown once to see if the engine could keep the aircraft in the air. And the test had been a success. The next test was to see if it could fly at  speed of sound speeds. That test was today.


“Darn” Jeb said, being quite impressed by the engine.


“I overheard some of the guys working on it say it could go mach 3” Said the mechanic.


“To bad the Air force is gonna start ending testing out for this aircraft. It's a sure shame seeing how great a aircraft this is” Jeb replied


“Gotta save some cash. Besides i hear that the rocket program is the next big thing.” The mechanic added as he went over and grabbed the boarding ladder.


“Rocketry ehh?” Jeb said wonderingly


The mechanic quickly rolled the boarding ladder over to the aircraft. Seconds later Jeb climbed up the ladder and plopped into the inline cockpit. Jeb put his helmet on as the canopy slowly closed down around him. He then began testing the flaps and the cockpit systems. Just then he noticed a note.




Jeb shrugged it off as he heard the mechanic tapping on the cockpit glass. Jeb then gave the all good thumbs up before prepping his air mask.  He then turned on the radio.


“This is jebediah kerman requesting takeoff clearance? Over.”


“This is green sands air control. I thought Dartmound was taking that aircraft out today?”


“Change of plans control”


“Well the runway is clear. Proceed to runway."


“Roger taxing now”


Jeb began to taxi to the massive runway. A minute later he was in position and was performing final flap check. It was very hot outside as jeb could see the heat radiating off the runway. After the final pre-flight test turned the radio on again.


“Jeb here, is the airway clear?”


“This is proving ground airspace control your clear for take off. The range is yours”


“Copy that thanks control”


With that jeb began to throttle up the engine. The effects were feel able immediately as jeb was pushed back into his seat.


“Darn this engine has some kick”

Jeb said this as a smile slowly formed on his face. Soon thunderbirds new engine began roar as the aircraft gained altitude.

Jeb stowed the landing gear. Then seconds later he moved up the accelerator and the Thunderbird quickly started to speed out over the desert.

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When we left kerbin Episode 2

“Skill check”


Wernher looked down on the info on his desk. Nothing more than a pile of launch reports, scientific research reports and theories on how kerbals would survive in low atmosphere environments sat before him. Wernher was quite uneasy that day. Here werhner was,in charge of the first government backed space program. With multiple successful launches behind him. But Werhner just couldn't shrug off the feeling that something was missing. If at least 1 piece of data that was collected a few months before was off. It could result in a very horrendous accident. At the end of the day Werhner just wanted a little more time. Almost every possible thought on the subject raced through werner's mind until he heard a knock on his door.


“Come on in”


A young kerbal stuck his head in the door


“Sir the helis ready” The kerbal said


“Alright ill be right there”


The kerbal nodded and closed the door. Wernher quickly put the files where they needed to go. He then headed out the door and down the hall. Wernher walked out onto the tarmaq to see a Kenom air to ground/transport chopper,rotors spinning, Sitting out on the concrete. Wernher got on to see Gerdon kerman already onboard. Gerdon was assigned to report directly to Hammond kerman ,The general of the kerbal states air force, directly with the status of the program. The two put there comms headsets on so they could talk on the flight over.


“So today's the big day eh wernher?” He said as the chopper took off


“Yeah…” Wernher answered as he stared out at the passing scenery


“Wernher i understand your thoughts on this. But we postponed recruitment 2 times. I don't think we can hold this off much longer” He said with a concerned look on his face.


“I understand but….” Wernher paused again as he was deep in thought.

Gerdon sighed. Minutes later the helicopter touched down on one of the green sands proving grounds helipad. There Werhner and Gerdon were greeted by the bases director.


“Hello sirs” The base director said as he shook there hands


“So this is where we're gonna get our…..what was the word?” Gerdon asked as they walked into the base.


“Kerbalnaut” Corrected Wernherr.


“Yes that” Said Gerdon rolling his eyes.


“Sir this is where the air force has put their best pilots. These guys have tested nearly every single aircraft on the books. These men were trained not to disappoint.” the base director said confidently


“Lets let My informant in all things rocketry be the boss of that.” Gerdon said glancing over at Wernher. When the group arrived they were greeted by the units officer. The kerbals met with the members of the unit that were standing in a line. They were then introduced one by one to each pilot of the unit. Everything was normal. Until they got to the end


“So where's jeb?” asked the base director


“I don't know i thought he was here...JEB STEP FORWARD” the units officer said looking around for him. Just then something cought wernher's eye. It was a small white speck heading towards their location at quite the speed. As wernher stuck his small green thumb up to see if he could use his most advanced math equations to figure out  its speed. He could over hear the others talking in the background.


“PTS SIR?!” peeped up one of the pilots.


“Yes Dartmound?” answered the units commander.


“I think i saw jeb go running towards the hangers when we left the locker room sir!” stated the pilot.


“Well where the heck is our best pilot now?” asked the base director.


Just then wernher broke in.


“You kerbals better cover your ears.”

"With all due respect sir i dont think we have ears"

one of the pilots broke in.


“Well why do we have too do that in the first place?” Gerdon asked.


“Well we got a aircraft closing in on us fast. And its gonna break the sound barrier right over us.” stated wernher.


“Wait what do you mea-” BOOOOM. The sound of the sonic boom blocked out Gerdons voice.


“Who was that?” asked wernher.


“That must have been jeb” said the unit commander. “We better get to the ATC building. What was he thinking? Taking a aircraft without permission.” continued the unit commander.


“Yes and i'll need too talk to him as well. Now come on let's get out to the runway. We should atleast give him a proper greeting” wernher said as he began to walk away.


“Does your so called specialist even know what good pilot is?” asked the unit commander ounce more. Gerdon answered with a shrug as he went off to follow wernher. 

"Well its a pilot with good discipline" he completed as he watched the group walk away.

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When we left kerbin: EPISODE 3



“Okay is this good?”

The engineer said as he adjusted the suits oxygen systems.


“Yeah yeah”

Jeb answered. The suit felt odd. It was fully sealed with a massive helmet. It was comfortable yes. But if jeb got a itch? It was really hard to scratch it. Just then the kerbal access door to the VAB opened and in walked wernher.


“Another early start today sir?”

The engineer asked. Wernher just grumbled as he walked over to where the RT-10 for the flight was being kept. Just then two more engineers walked in. Jeb had decided to get a early start today so the VAB filling with kerbals was to be expected.


“Alright lets help you up and get this thing outside”

The engineer said. He then helped Jeb up out of the chair where he  was getting his suit fitted for the last couple of minutes.


“Hey Darls you wanna help me get this thing outside?”

The engineer asked. The other engineer nodded then came over. They then began to push the mk1 command pod outside. (Which was sitting on rollers) As Jeb followed them out the door he began to take in the early morning activities of the North rock AFB. Some patrol aircraft were sitting out by the hangers in the morning sun. The VABs grey and red paint was quite in contrast with the colorful grass and the shine of the sun off the snow that was sitting atop High rock mountain that was just behind the base.


Eventually they pushed it to a good point near the VAB.


“Remind me agine why we are doing this?”

Jeb asked.


“Well the plan is that you will land in the farmlands not far from here. So it may take awhile to find you. We need to know what's gonna happen when your left in there for long periods of time. Especially when on hot days like this with a suit…….Darl you wouldn't mind going over and getting a water kanteen do you? Jeb might get…..a little dehydrated.”

The engineer completed. It wasn't long before jeb was helped into the capsule and the door was closed. Just then jeb noticed the lack of flight controls.


“Ummm where are my flight instruments?”

Jeb asked puzzled.


“Most of the flight will be controlled from the ground. Heck the window on the capsule is just there so we can check on you before and after the flight. You're only really here to test the survivability of rocket flight. But you will be given a emergency parachute, Some SREs, Some water, And a complementary safety belt.”

The engineer completed.


“Ha ha very funny”

Jeb said worried. He was uncomfortable with a craft he had no control over. But with a sigh he accepted his fate. Arguing wouldn't work. Especially with how dead set all the engineers were. Jeb thought back to what had happend in the last few weeks. It had been interesting to say the least. Upon hearing Wernhers offer Jeb took it up almost immediately. And after a volley of medical tests and flight tests he could now call himself a kerbalnaut. Well more like a Kerbalnaut in training seeing as his first rocket flight was still upcoming. Most base personal were worried about a horrific explosion. But jeb dident really care. As long as he could get the thrills it was worth the risk for him. Elsewhere  at the base Gerdon was heading into the VAB.


“Mornin Wernher”

He said.


“If you have a moment i need to talk to you about the engine thats gonna be used for the rocket.”

Wernher requested


“You mean the RT-10?”

Gerdon said.


“Yes i was wondering about swapping it out for the RT-5.”

Wernher asked.


“You mean that little flea of a engine? We stopped using that a long time ago. Besides we can go higher with the RT-10.”

Stated Gerdon


“Yes but my team hasn't gotten done working all the kinks out yet. The RT-10 still has some time to go before it's developed completely. We have been using the RT-10 for unkerbaled launches and many have been successful. But it has a…..interesting safety record. Me and my team have more experience with the older RT models. With the RT-5 we wont go higher but atleast we wont have a death on our hands.”

Wernher completed. Gerdon considerd what Wernher had said. He had a point. But the Kerbal launch had been delayed far to many times.


“Okay so how long would it take?”

Asked Gerdon


“Well we would have to remove the wings from the current rocket and remove the decoupler so we could put them on the new engine.”

Answered Wernher.


“Alright i will give the greenlight. But if the higher ups put my job on the line because of this. I will be sure mine will not be the only one.”
Gerdon said in a serious manner.


“Well i'll go make arrangements”

Wernher said as he headed for the door. Relieved that for once, the kerbal mission would go ahead smoothly.


All the while the heat in Jebs capsule was going up. And subsequently the heat in jebs suit went up as well. Soon he was burning hot inside the pod.


“Uh...Can i…….Get out now?”

Jeb said panting.


“You got 4 more minutes”

Answered the engineer. Soon the 4 minutes were up and the engineer opened the capsule. Jeb quickly got out and took his helmet off then grabbed the Kanteen from Darls hands. After gluging the thing down a now very sweaty jeb Yelled



Before promptly face planting. The two engineers looked down at him for some time before one spoke up.


“Darl could you get the the on site medics?”

Darl then walked away grumbling to himself.


“Join the rocketry program they said. You won't be treated like a intern there they said.”

As Darl walked passed the VAB he ran into wernher.


“Whats going on?”

Wernher asked.


“Oh Jeb just got overheated because some genius thought we needed to test long term stays in the capsule.” He said with a upset tone. He then continued his walk to the bases infirmary.



Wernher thought to himself. He then pulled out a notepad and wrote: “Add AC unit to next capsule design.”


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Hi @Avery616,

Good to see this story getting going! If you don't mind me commenting though, there's a couple of things you could do to make it more readable.

First - no need to post everything in bold. The extra contrast makes it hard on the eyes, specially for an older guy like me. :) 

Next - I'm not sure whether this is just a formatting bug caused by copying and pasting, but putting your speech and speakers on separate lines looks odd. Instead of:

23 hours ago, Avery616 said:

“Okay so how long would it take?”

Asked Gerdon

“Well we would have to remove the wings from the current rocket and remove the decoupler so we could put them on the new engine.”

Answered Wernher.

Just go with:  

“Okay so how long would it take?” asked Gerdon.

“Well we would have to remove the wings from the current rocket and remove the decoupler so we could put them on the new engine,” answered Wernher.

Last - try and make sure that proper names are consistently capitalised. You tend to switch from Jeb to jeb and from Wernher to wernher. It's just a small thing but again, it makes your writing a bit easier on the eyes.


Keep up the good work!

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22 hours ago, KSK said:

Hi @Avery616,

Good to see this story getting going! If you don't mind me commenting though, there's a couple of things you could do to make it more readable.

First - no need to post everything in bold. The extra contrast makes it hard on the eyes, specially for an older guy like me. :) 

Next - I'm not sure whether this is just a formatting bug caused by copying and pasting, but putting your speech and speakers on separate lines looks odd. Instead of:

Just go with:  

“Okay so how long would it take?” asked Gerdon.

“Well we would have to remove the wings from the current rocket and remove the decoupler so we could put them on the new engine,” answered Wernher.

Last - try and make sure that proper names are consistently capitalised. You tend to switch from Jeb to jeb and from Wernher to wernher. It's just a small thing but again, it makes your writing a bit easier on the eyes.


Keep up the good work!

The contrast issue is due to me writing in google docs.

The formatting issue? Could be the same thing.

As for capitalization i try to clean that up as best as possible. Gotta be more thorough next time. 

PS: Gonna try to get EP-4 out today. :)


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When we left kerbin: EPISODE 4

“0 days 0 hour”


Jeb spit into the sink. Putting his toothbrush down he headed for the door. Today would a busy day at North rock. Today was launch day. As Jeb walked down the hall he thought about all the things he had went through the month before. All the preparation. All of the training. All of the examination was culminating in this. As Jeb walked out he was met by a officer in a KLKV. (koint light kactical vehicle) As Jeb jumped in the officer spoke

“Today's the big day ey sir?” The officer asked with a smile

“Yup” Jeb answered.

“You know…..if this all works're gonna be the first kerbal to use a rocket as a modem of transportation right?” The officer asked again

“Well if you spend a lot of time in the testing division. You get to know that breaking barriers is part of the job” Jeb said looking at the sky with a slight smile as car soon pulled up at the preparation building.

“Good luck sir” The officer yelled as Jeb hopped out. When Jeb entered he was greeted by the suit engineers. Not long later Jeb was suited up in his jumpsuit. His pressurized gloves were put on. His “Neck dish” was then applied. Soon his helmet was on and the techs were making their last minute suit environment checks. After everything down to the wire was looked through thoroughly. Jeb went to go catch his ride to the launch pad. When Jeb got outside he was met by a shower of applause. Everyone was there. From mechanics to pilots. Right before Jeb got on van that would take him to the pad. Jeb was stopped by a familiar voice.

“Jeb it was a honor working with you” Wernher said

“Dont worry ill be back. Yeesh i get on a rocket and everyone is missing me already.” Jeb replied. Wernher rolled his eyes. The ride over to the pad was silent. When the van stopped Jeb stepped out and looked over at the rocket.

“Looks like a jumping flea to me” Jeb said eyeing it over

“Well it flies so…”Answered a engineer who was performing a last minute engine check over. Jeb was helped into the capsule by the techs and was soon buckled in.

“Everything okay sir?” Asked a engineer.

“Yeah” Answered Jeb. The Engineers saluted Jeb then closed the hatch. The light in the capsule was dim. Only supplied by two small lights. Jeb took a deep breath and prepared himself for the inevitable.  Meanwhile in the MKS (Mobile kommand center) Wernher came in.

“Status?” He asked.

“We got green across the board.” Answered one of the engineers.

“Astronaut readout?” Asked Wernher.

“BIOs is lookin good” Returned another engineer.

“Sir we are ready to make the final checks. Awaiting your go.” Stated a engineer.

“Hmmm” Wernher thought. He then switched on the radio. “Jeb we got everything ready to go. Just wanna know if you're ready.” Asked Wernher.

“Well if it looks good on your end it should look good on mine.” Jeb Answered.

“Well i'll take that as a yes.” Answered Wernher as he nodded to a engineer. The engineer grabbed a intercom transmitter and spoke.

“All personnel clear the launch area. All personnel clear launch area now”

“Sir Checklist is ready for rundown” Broke in one of the others.

“Right let's do it” Said Wernher.



“Decoupler primeage?”


“Chute operability?”


“Solid fuel stability?”


“System connection?”

“Triple check”

“Electrical systems?”

“Uhhhhh sir you may wanna see this” Wernher came over to see the problem. Some of the electrical systems were having issues. Now Wernher would have to find a way to fix it. If he couldn't? The launch would have to be delayed. Jeb had been listening to the command room thanks to his radio the entire time. He was becoming fed up with all the regulations. Minutes passed. It had been a hour since the delay by the time Jeb snapped.

“Well….i think we're gonna have to delay this.” Wernher said disappointed. Just then Jebs voice crackled in over the radio.

“Why don't you fix the little problem and light this jumping flea!” Jeb yelled over the comms being very fed up. The command room went silent.

“Alright well…...if he wants to launch lets launch” Wernher said.

“But sir the problem?” Asked a engineer.

“We can just re-route it” Wernher returned.


“Alright...well we are ready to start the countdown” Stated another engineer. Wernher looked over and nodded at him.


“Countdown start”





















“Ignition” With that a fiery exhaust blew out of the “jumping fleas” engine. With that moment Wernher thought to himself.

“This is it….fly or die.”



There are issues with how i create the story on google docs and then port it to the forums.

When i port them it creates 3 empty lines where i wanted one.

I cannot modify font.

From here on out my stories will be made on the forums.

Thank you for your patience.

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That's one small jump for a kerbal...


And what can go wrong on a short sub-orbital hop. There's no time for anything to wrong. Right?


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Well the craft is the RT-11. (or the "jumping flea" from the game) I dont think it can leave the atmosphere. (Though it can go pretty high)

As for anything going wrong well.....Jeb could get abit crispy round the edges....but i dont wanna give too much away :wink: 

10 hours ago, KSK said:

That's one small jump for a kerbal...


And what can go wrong on a short sub-orbital hop. There's no time for anything to wrong. Right?



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When we left Kerbin: EPISODE 5

“Launch and effect”

The engine's exhaust roared as the rocket rises off the pad at a rapid rate. The effects were feelable immediately with Jeb being shoved down into his seat.

“YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAA” Jeb yelled with excitement. Meanwhile the kerbals in the command center were hearing all of this.

“Is….he okay?” Asked a engineer.

“I think so….That or all his vital organs are getting smushed” Answered Wernher who simply stood there calmly. As this happend the external oxygen meter went down as the altitude meter went up. Jeb slowly got used to the forces of the rocket. As he got higher he noticed the sky was getting dark. Just then “PFFFT” The engine ran out of fuel. But the rocket continued to rise thanks to its force. Wernher soon flipped on the radio.

“Jeb can you read us?”

“Roger that. I was wondering how long have i been up here?” Jeb asked.

“You have only been up there for a few minutes.” Wernher returned.

“Then why is it getting dark?” Jeb asked.

“Its getting dark around the capsule eyy?” Wernher said as he wrote the finding down in his notebook. “That's a interesting report Jeb. We never got a first hand account on what high altitudes are like.” Wernher completed.

“Well enjoy your new kobel prize.” Jeb joked. Seconds later the capsule started losing altitude.

“Sir Jebs reached the return side of the mission.” Alerted a engineer.

“Good..make preparations for stage separation.” Wernher returned.

“Sir decoupler bolts primed and readied!” A engineer reported.

“Alright decouple in” Wernher said. Seconds later a engineer put in the commands. Out of nowhere another voice broke in.

“Sir we cannot confirm stage separation.” The technician said with worried tone.

“What?” Wernher sighed “I knew that wire erosion was gonna cause more issues.” Wernher said before immediately floating off to thought.

“Sir we could deploy the chute with the booster still attached.” A engineer suggested.

“Yes but we don't know if that chute could support the weight of the capsule and the booster.” Wernher answered.

“As much as i hate to say this but….I think we're gonna have to use the main power wire.” Wernher said  “Yes it's slightly eroded but the secondary wire cant handle enough power to activate the bolts.” The kerbals in the room began to talk amongst themselves about Wernher's idea.

“Alright let's go with the main wire idea.” One of the Techs piped up. “Sure it could fry the system but we could get a smushed kerbal ither way” After a few moments of button pressing they were ready.

“Decoupling in 3...2...1” Wernher announced. Within seconds the booster was separated and a sigh of relief flooded the command room. Just then Jeb's voiced radioed in.

“Mind if i ask what all that spinning was about?” Jeb asked

“Spinning? No no that must have just been the stage decoupler.” Wernher said. Just then another tech broke in.

“Sir he's got a point. According to this data the capsule is facing downwards. The decoupling must have caused the craft to spin.” The Technician completed.

“Well...can we flip him around?” Wernher asked.

“Negative the on board batteries don't have enough power to flip it and deploy the chute. We're gonna have to deploy it upside down.” The Technician stated.

“Alright then..You have clearance to deploy the chute when at the designated altitude.” Wernher returned. Meanwhile in the capsule Jeb had been keeping track of the time. According to the official mission timeline the chute would be deployed soon. But to Jeb it felt like hours. Just then Jeb heard a “CLICK SHOOSH” The sound of a chute unraveling.

“Finally!” Jeb said in excitement. Just then the capsule twisted around. Causing Jeb to get thrown about abit. At that point he could tell that he was falling slower. Not long later a voice came in over the radio.

“Jeb are you still alive in there?” Asked Wernher on the other end.

“Yeah i'm fine.” Jeb answered. Jeb could hear cheering on the other end. After what felt like hours Jeb finally heard a slight thud and the sound of the chute hitting the ground. Jeb waited patiently in the capsule for about 30 minutes before he heard helicopter rotors. Then he saw someone looking in via the small window in the capsule. Then the door opened. There stood a pararescue private and a sgt.

“See he's alive.” The private said.

“I told you. For a brick he flew pretty good. Now let's get him outta there.” The sgt returned. They soon unstrapped Jeb and helped him out. Jeb took off his helmet almost immediately and took a breath of air in

“Ahhhhh...Finally some air that hasn't been stored in a canister.” Jeb said relieved. The sgt and private helped Jeb into a waiting armored car. As Jeb got in he could see some kerbals standing around the capsule trying to connect cables from a Kihnook cargo transport heli to the capsule for a flight back to base. Jebs  asked the driver to turn the radio on. It was nice to be back on solid ground. Jeb thought back to the flight. Back to the dark skies he saw when he was at the apex of the mission. It was beautiful yes. But Jeb couldn't shake the feeling that this wouldn't be the only time he saw it.

PS: I have decided to keep using google docs because it lets me work and then go onto something else. If i wrote on the forums i would have to do it all at ounce.  And i dont have that sort of time.

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When we left Kerbin: EPISODE 6

“Planning ahead”


Another day at north rock was coming along nicely for Jeb. It had been five months since Jeb had flown in the “Jumping Flea”. And now he was the first kerbal in space. Jeb was quite excited of what would come next.The day was warm as Jeb headed into the mess hall and left with a bag of Koritos chips. As Jeb walked across the base taking in the morning sun. He soon ran into Wernher who was in quite a hurry.

“Ah mornin Jeb” Wernher said.

“Whats with all the papers?” Jeb asked.

“There's a administration meeting today about our last venture. Wernher answered. “You know you may wanna come. I mean you are the first kerbal in space.”

“First Kerbal in space..” Jeb thought to himself. Jeb thought back to two days ago. He remembered it very well. The stars. The objects floating around in the capsule. Everything. And to think this would not stop here. The possibilities? Endless! The fame the glor- “Here we are” Wernher said taking Jeb's train of thought off track.

Jeb had been such deep thought that he didn't even know that he had agreed to come along. He put together what little he had heard in his mind. Something about going to a admin meeting and how important it was? Jeb looked back around in reality. They were in North rocks command building outside of a meeting room.

“You ready to go in?” Wernher broke in.

“Uhhhhh…..sure!” Jeb said blindly. Not knowing what this meeting was going to be about. As they stepped in Jeb saw Gerdon and a few administrative personnel sitting around.

“Ahh you're here, please take a seat. We are just waiting on the new guy” one of the admins stated. As Jeb and Wernher sat down someone came in the door.

“Sorry I'm late” A blond haired kerbal said as he took a seat.

“Um..who is this exactly?” Jeb asked.

“Gene Kerman. Pleased to meet you” Gene said as he shook Jeb's hand.

“Alright boys! Let's get down to business.” Gerdon said as he handed out papers. “Five months ago Jeb took part in the first manned rocket test as you should remember. This has knocked Kerbin into a Space Craze - as the media calls it”

“I call it more of a trend” Jeb broke in.

“Well yes as i was saying.” Gerdon continued. “Well we all know that the Air force has classified Jeb's space flight from a few days ago. But today is the day the air force makes that mission public. This announcement will make everyone look skyward.”

“And this affects” Wernher asked.

“Well, I was getting to that.” Gerdon answered. “You see right now the Kerbal States military is afraid of tech like this falling into the wrong hands. After a bit of debate they believe we can find a way to keep our lead in space technology. That is to keep expanding our space program.” Gerdon completed.

“Sooooooo…..The KSP is going to get new stuff?” Jeb asked

“Yes, for one we will be split off to become our own division rather than an air force program. Second is that we will be getting a funds expansion, The president will announce this tomorrow. And i was told to give you people a heads up.” Answered Gerdon

“The launch complex here was just quickly constructed for our needs. We simply don't have the infrastructure to keep up to the demands of such a progra-”

“Exactly the question i was expecting you to ask.” Gerdon said interrupting Wernher.

“Bring it in!” Gerdon yelled at the door. Soon a officer came in pushing a large cart that had a cloth covering it.

“Ladies and kerbalmen..I present to you..The new launch complex!” Gerdon said as he took the cloth off. In place of the cloth there was a model with a large white structure sticking out in the middle. Wernher stood up and walked over to the model.

“This...This is amazing!” Wernher said with excitement.

“Well let's get down to business here.” Gerdon said. “This small building with a helipad will be the on site administration building. Over here in this hotel like building will be living spaces for kerbalnauts. This hanger with built in ATCT is for aircraft storage. Thats is the base's runway. And this smaller building will be a dedicated mission control.”

“Finally no more sitting in a cramped command truck.” Wernher commented.

“Now continuing on. This large white building will be the VAB. Twice as large as the one we have here.” The other administrative personnel began to talk amongst themselves. “Ahem.” Gerdon broke in.

“This small concrete area is the launch pad. I'm sure Wernher will be happy to know that this can handle larger rockets and higher heat exhaust.” Gerdon continued.

“That a bit of a understatement!” Wernher said. It was easy to tell that he was struggling to hold in the excitement.

“Well as i was saying. These 3 large dishes will be used to communicate and track the missions launched from here. And as for this large cluster of buildings. Well these are the on-site labs. It will have a built in telescope and wind tunnel. As Well as some of the best lab equipment available for kerbal kind.” Gerdon said completing his showcase.

“WOOOHEE” Wernher said as his excitement overtook him. “Thud” Went his chair as he accidentally fell over. “Ow”

“One question.” Asked Jeb.

“Yes?” Gerdon returned.

“Does that model have a model train?” Jeb asked.

“No.” Gerdon answered rolling his eyes.

“Nawwww” Jeb said disappointed.

“So as i was saying. The Army kore of engineers will handle construction. They have already found a suitable site of which to build. Construction will begin the day after tomorrow. Now i have other news. I am here just too report to the higher ups with what is going on. Now that this is no longer a air force program and now a dedicated division my expertise is needed elsewhere.” Gerdon completed.

“'re leaving?” Jeb asked.

“Yes.” Gerdon answered. “Now i have been given clearance to chose who heads this next administration. And after a time of consideration. I have decided on who will be in charge. I have decided on Gene kerman being the next head of this program.” Gerdon completed.

“Thank you sir” Gene said accepting his new promotion.

“Now i have provided you all with a background of Gene in the paperwork i handed out earlier. If you haven't read it all you gotta know is that he used to run the air forces experimental aircraft division. If you need anymore background on him i refer you to your papers you have in front of you.” Gerdon completed.

“Right with that out of the way let's go over our usual monthly reports.” Gerdon said.

“Well the maintenance team just got done fixing the launch pads fuel lines and-SLAM” The door closed behind him as Jeb walked out. The reveal that the program was getting expanded was exciting. But that monthly reports part sounded boring. As Jeb walked outside he was stopped by a Officer.

“Are you Jebediah kerman?” The Officer asked.“Yes.” Jeb answered.

“I have been looking all over for you Wernher and Gerdon! Do you have any idea where they are?” The Officer asked frantically.

“Yeah there in the conference room. What's the hurry?” Jeb asked.

“Well a few minutes ago the guys at the kentiagon made that spaceflight from 2 days back public. So now everyone wants to ask the guys responsible for the mission questions.” The Officer said with a worried tone.

“Alright so where's the conference gonna be?” Jeb asked.

“At the mess halls stage! GO” The Officer yelled as he ran off into the command building. Jeb then started heading towards the mess hall. Jeb thought to himself again. “This is it Jeb. You gotta be famous now….Now we just gotta adjust….Meh i'll burn that bridge when i come to it.”

PS: I am sorry this episode didn't get put out as soon as my other episodes usually are. There was a short time where i wasn't really motivated to write. But hey it's out now:)


Hey there readers. (If anyone even reads my series) I have some news today. 

For one i have plans to have a Q/A thread event after my 10th episode comes out.

For two i have plans to add a comment thread where peaople can discuss this series. This thread will either be started soon or after this series gets 1000 views.

Thats all for now. Thank you for your time. :D

(Stupid merge glich this was suppose to be a separate post. :mad:)

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When we left kerbin: EPISODE 7

The log

Jebs log: entry 345

It's been a year...a entire year. And now the new KSC is finally done. Things were pretty darn boring for that year. No assignments….”funds saving” they said. And i thought paying the bills was boring. That place where the KSC resides looks like a beautiful coastal area though(if the postcards are correct). Called star cap bay i believe. Looks nice. Opening day at that KSC was hectic that's all i gotta say. Like 103 people there? Heck that's almost as many talk show invitations i have gotten in the last couple of months. Being the face of the KSP isn't that hard really.  I must say the picture with me wearing the aviator sunglasses on the cover of “TIME” is very awesome looking. I gotta wear those more often. Wait what was i writing about?

Ahh well im sure it wasn't important. I guess i could write about the programs administrator. Gene really is a likeable fellow. But he has chosen some interesting picks for the administrative board. This guy named Mortimore is making sure that all the cash goes where it has to. I think he used to be part of a bank or somethin. Then there's Wernher. He's been put in charge of the science division. Should have seen that coming. Issue is he's too busy to attend any meetings. So he sends this kid named Linus in to represent him. Seems like a odd job for a unpaid interin Wernher bumped into at a science convention. Then there's the oddest of the group. Walt kerman a former PR guy from the konsanto corporation. And now he's PR for us….Why did Gene chose him anyway? And finally there's Gus. Well someone has to make sure all our stuff gets built when it needs to be. Seeing how he used to work at a high grade engineering firm i think him and mort are the most qualified folks for the positions there at.

I hope this year isn't as boring as the last one. Who am i kiddin.  With the announcement that the KSP is setting its sites on the mun. I don't think i'll be bored for long. Yeah some people are saying that there putting to much on a program that only has a handful of Kanned launches and hasn't even reached orbit. But hey Wernhers designs have got me up and back without killing me….yet. And then there's recruits. Sure yeah they haven't chosen anyone yet. I just hope the 2 guys that they will select will be up to the job…..

PS:I have found a way to modify font for google docs ports:D no more big letters!

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forgot to fix up the spaces between paragraphs

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When we left kerbin: EPISODE 8

“The recruits”


Bill walked up to the security booth. Luggage in hand

“Uhhh is this the correct entry point?” Bill asked.

“Well are you part of staff?” The security guard asked.

“No but….Does this ring any bells?” Bill said as he pulled out the ID he was mailed. The guard looked it over.

“Alright hangar 9. Tarmaq area 3. Have a great day at the kerman lake airport.” The guard said. After getting his ID back Bill walked off to his destination. He soon rounded a corner to see a velociteze with a flight officer standing out front.

“uhhh...Is this flight bound for star cap bay?” Bill asked as he walked up.

“It is, but it's a private flight.” The flight officer stated. Bill sighed and pulled out his ID again.

“Alright, But we can't go until the other guy gets here.” The officer said checking his watch. After 12 minutes a rather frantic kerbal ran out from one of the hangers.

“Wait wait don't leave yet!” The kerbal yelled frantically as he ran at them.

“Are you Bob kerman?” The flight officer asked.

“Yes sorry i am late. I had a problem with my electric toothbrush.” Answered Bob as he caught his breath.

“Well follow me” The flight officer said as he climbed in. With Bill and Bob in toe. They soon found the passenger cabin and stowed their carry ons. After plumping down onto one of the comfy seats. Bill looked out the window to see the plane taxiing to the runway. Bill sat there silently before asking.

“So who are you?” Bill asked as he looked out the window.

“Bob Bob kerman pleased to meet you. Are you here for this crazy program too?” Bob asked

“You mean the space program? Yeah.” Bill answered.

“I can't believe they got another guy on for this idea.” Bob muttered.

“If you think it's so crazy then why are you here?” Bill asked.

“Well i did not want to sign up. I had my heart set on going on a arctic expedition. I'm just here because some coworkers of mine at the Kerbin geological institute thought it would be a funny idea to submit myself to the program. Of course i thought i would never be picked. But noooo they just so happen to pick me.” Bob ranted

“So why didn't you just say you couldn't come?” Bill asked as he opened a bag of kingles.

“Well i'm thinking it could be a shortcut to my arctic expedition….I hope. I'm just happy those coworkers of mine are on desk jobs. Someone managed to prove they were the ones rigging the snack machine….....why are you even here?” Bob completed.

“Uh i just signed up for the adventure. Heck i didn't even think i would get accepted but now….I guess i'm gonna get that adventure…” Bill said still staring out of the window. Then a hour later  Bill was looking at the view when all the sudden Thunderbird pulled up next to the aircraft.

“WOHA” Bill exclaimed surprised. Seconds later the Thunderbird pulled away.

“Who in the name was piloting that?” Bob asked quite alarmed.

“I don't know. Whoever it was they outta be a pretty good pilot to get that thing so close” Bill said amazed.

“Well i dont care! Whoever it was needs to get there flying licence or whatever revoked!” Bob said upset.

“Well you'll have your chance to voice your concern soon. Look over there” Bill said as he pointed to the VAB which was quite visible as the velocitezelined up for a landing. Soon the landing gear was deployed and the aircraft on a approach vector. And after a bump or two the aircraft settled down on the ground. Bob and Bill quickly grabbed their luggage and exited the craft to see Gene kerman waiting for them.

“It's good to meet you two in person. I wanted Jeb to meet you here on the spot but i think he will be along shortly.” Gene said as he shook their hands. Just then the thunderbird buzzed the tarmac. Shaking all the kerbals there and nearby.

“That pilot! Gene i must say that you need to fire whoever is flying that thing! He's as reckless as a keagull trying to steal a sandwich!” Bob complained.

“Calm down Bob.” Bill said rolling his eyes. “So Gene how is that Jeb fellow?” Bill asked

“He's...a interesting character. But you'll get used to him.” Gene said.

Not long  later the Thunderbird came in and pulled up to the tarmac. The hanger engineers quickly pulled a boarding ladder up to the cockpit as the engines powered down. When the cockpit opened out popped Jeb.

“You know i'm really happy the air force is lending me this thing. Most thunderbirds have been scrapped or worse.” Jeb said wiping the sweat off of his face. Bob's jaw dropped.

“You must be the new guys nice to me-That's jebediah kerman!?” Bob broke in.

“How in the kraken did he become a national hero?!” Bob said very upset.

“With that type of flying he could have killed us!” Bob said upset.

“Sir the rooms are ready.” An officer broke in.

“Good you can take them over there now” Gene said rolling his eyes as Bob was still ranting. As we were lead away Bill got a good look at the complex. It was busy. Small yellow trucks zipped back and forth. And everything from hardhats to lab coats could be seen.

“Here we are” The officer said. The building the officer pointed to looked nice. Kinda like a hotel in its looks. As Bill was lead inside he could see its true luxury. The walls were done up nicely. There was a large relaxation and exercise area. And a canteen. After going up to the second floor the officer showed Bill his room. He could still hear Bobs ranting as he stepped in. As he set his luggage down he saw a book with a note on it on his bed. The book was plain looking but with a large lettering in the middle. “KSPedia” It read. Bill then looked at the note.

“Dear Bill kerman. Thank you for accepting your entry into the program. I can't wait to work with you-yadayadayada. See you at tomorrows briefing at the admin building. Can't wait to meet you. Hope this helps.~ Wernher von kerman.” Wernher von kerman. Bill thought to himself. He was a legend in the engineering community. He had already met Jeb and soon Wernher. Two famous people in one spot? Something major was gonna be going on here. As Bill walked over to his room's window he looked out over the KSC. Tomorrow he was to be briefed on the goings on here. And then onto training. And then onto preperation and then….He stopped not wanting to stress himself out by thinking to far ahead. Besides it had been a long flight. And Bill was definitely in the mood for some food.

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