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OrbitalBuzzsaw's Master Thread

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Welcome to the OrbitalBuzzsaw Master Thread

This is the thread where I post all of my creations. I occasionally post crafts, lore and rants/statuses here. Feel free to ask questions about anything. If you like the stuff, why not follow the thread?


Table of Contents


Super Detailed Border Map (OLD VERSION)

Flag sample pack

Super Detailed Border Map (New Version!)



My Plane for "Crosswise the Sea"




Other Threads


Links to my other stuff

YT Channel - Please Subscribe

My Twitter



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This :

Is no longer the most detailed border map in history!! I made a better one. Granted, it lacks the fancy colors, but it has CITIES! Yes, CITIES! Capital cities are stars, and bigger dot = bigger city. Only cities with a population of 2 million in the enormous corpus of lore I have created or more are shown

Unfortunately, I couldn't get Imgur to work, so I had to upload it to Twitter. It's the first map in my Twitter feed at this link here. Follow me!

I will be updating this map occasionally, so feel free to make any suggestions or ask any questions. This can also serve as a master thread for my Kerbal lore.

Feel free to ask questions about my Kerbal lore. It is expansive and I will answer all questions to the best of my ability

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1 hour ago, OrbitalBuzzsaw said:

I couldn't get Imgur to work


Why not?

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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