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[Kopernicus] Deleting planet mods breaking the save


A while ago I've installed @GregroxMun's amazing mod called Revamped Stock Solar System (RevSSS for short). But recently I decided to play with stock solar system and go visit some easter eggs. The problem is, that deleting RevSSS broke my quicksave. Something that should probably be mentioned is, that I deleted the bodies it added to the game (currently just a few small Joolian moons). The rest of the mod is replacing the stock models/textures of the planets and moons. Anyways, when I try to load the latest quicksave, the clock resets and a bunch of vessels dissappear. Does anyone have the same problem/clue about what's going on? If needed, I can provide the save (if that would help)


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Save breaking is pretty much expected when you remove files being used by a saved game.  It doesn't matter how small the module is, if your save file is expecting something that's no longer there, you will break it.  Usually you'll see this manifest in ships disappearing when you remove a part they used, which isn't particularly bad, but I could see how removing something like a moon or a planet could be seriously universe breaking.

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