[1.3][WIP] Kerbal Exoplanets (v0.3)

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On 5/6/2018 at 6:48 AM, HansonKerman said:

Is  this going to be 1.4 supported?

Unfortunately, development for this mod has come to a standstill, because all of my efforts are being focused into my other mod Intergalactic. Hopefully I'll pick it back up again once Intergalactic is released, but for now, KEP is dormant. :(

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Maybe add a red dwarf system, since there’s loads out there.

How about this system:

Valenor - Ultracool red dwarf only 7.5 percent the mass of Kerbol. Located quite close to Keldo.

Dald - Lava world slightly smaller than Kerbin that orbits Valenor in just 1 Earth day.

Phess - Ocean world, orbits Valenor in 2 days. Tidally locked too. Has some small islands with life.

Xie - Ice planet. Not tidally locked 

Imarlou - Cold gas dwarf that takes 3 years on a 27.2 million semi major axis 

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When I load my game with kerbal exoplanets installed it says that koperincus is not able to load the Custom planets. Also do i need to install the visuals from dropbox for it work? 

I fixed it.

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