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Crossed Fingers - Space junk in the ocean

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Hello, good people of the forums. I'm NotAgain, and I've finally plucked up the courage to start a mission report on my mid-game career mode.


First, a little bit about my save:

I run more mods than I care to mention, but the major ones are


Bluedog Design Bereau

Coatl Aerospace ProbesPlus

Tantares and Tantares LV (both old and new)




Texture Replacer (I've forgotten exactly what textures I use)

Nebula Decals

Procedural Parts

Procedural Fairings

Ven's Stock Revamp

Most of @Nertea's mods


DMagic Science

Glowing Kraken Industries

Hullcam VDS


NovaPunch (yes, I know it's way out of date, but I fiddle until it works)

Kerbal Konstructs

Pretty much all the Umbra Space Industries mods

A lot of Kopernicus mods, including OPM and Xen's Planet Packs



Mk2 Expansion





And a whole load of others. If there are any MAJOR mods you feel I've missed out, tell me.

This career's been going on since 1.1.2 came out.

I do things my own way. if you don't like it, there are a plethora of other mission reports out there, there's something for everyone.

I'm not the best pilot.

I'm addicted to screenshots, and caffeine, so you can expect (semi) regular updates, usually at least one per week.

I operate several different 'space agencies' in my save, courtesy of Kerbal Konstructs. They are all part of one central 'Kerbal Space Agency', but also operate independently. They each have their own Kerbonaut Corps, except for three.

I have weird naming schemes.

And, potentially most importantly, the glorious @DiscoSlelge is making some wonderful mission patches, which I hope to use on my crewed missions.


The Space Agencies are as follows:

The Kenairian Space Agency (KSA). The Kenairian civilian space agency, and the most prominent.

Launch site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral)

Naming schemes: Uncrewed: Girl's names, or acronyms. Crewed: Pubs (Bars)

Crewed spacecraft:


Half Mun - A four or six seat LKO spaceplane. Launches on a Prometheus III or a Muo V. Fleet currently stands at three orbiters, Lionheart, Courageous and Dauntless.

Blue Anchor Block III - Current munar landing spacecraft. Seats 2. Apollo style. Occasionally mis-used. Launches on a Firedance III.

Blue Anchor Block IV - A shortened Block III. Used for small-crew Kerbin orbit missions, and missions to Munar orbit (without landings). Launches on a Black Lancer 1 or 2.

Castle Block III - A slightly modified Blue Anchor Block III. Can be flown with a lander or hab module. Used for Minmus landings and missions to Sentinel (Kerbin's third moon. Gas moon) Launches on a Firedance III.

Black Bull - New generation 3 or 5 seat capsule. Lander in development. To be used for Mun, Minmus and Sentinel missions after the retirement of the Blue Anchor and Castle. Launches on a Firestorm I, III or IV. Has not yet flown crewed.

Muttles - Short for Munar shuttles, these will soon start fulfilling tourist duties and servicing surface bases. Based out of Kerbin Outbound station in LKO.


Metkosmos. The Metarian civilian space agency

Launch site: KSC2 (Kaikonur Kosmodrome)

Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Destination-specific random Russian stuff. Crewed: random Russian stuff and names from Tantares parts.

Crewed spacecraft:


Kulak Mk3 - 2 seat Kerbin orbit spacecraft. Very Soyuz-alike. Lanuched on an R5a or R5b.

Oligarch - 2 seat Mun/Minmus landing spacecraft. Very L3-alike. Has an LK-inspired lander. Launched on an NK-1


Metarian Army. Does what it says on the tin. And spies on you.

Launch site: KSC2 (Kaikonur Kosmodrome)

Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Destination-specific random Russian stuff. Crewed: random Russian stuff and names from Tantares parts.

Crewed spacecraft:


Zapadnyy - 2 seat Kerbin orbit spacecraft. Cramped. Designed to ferry crew to military space stations. Launched on an R7a


Elenvarian National Space Agency (ENSA). The Elenvarian space agency. May or may not work for the government.

Lanch site: Round Range

Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Random Chinese stuff. Crewed: Random Chinese stuff.

Crewed spacecraft:


Funong - 2 seat Kerbin orbit spacecraft, but is probably going to be used for Mun/Minmus missions. Launched on a Rongyu Long 3


Airnian National Space Exploration Bereau (ANSEB). The Airnian civilian space agency.

Lanch site: Great Ez Kape

Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Acronyms. Crewed: Variations on the word Explorer.

Crewed spacecraft:


Explorer - 1 seat orbital/sub-orbital capsule. Has not yet flown crewed. Launched on a Matchstick I/II.


The Orbital Access Alliance (OAA). A private space exploration firm.

Launch site: Central Lakes

Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Elements. Crewed: Elements.

Crewed spacecraft:


Carbon - 5 seater orbital spacecraft. Propulsive landing. New varient has not yet flown crewed. Launched on a Helium 2.


The University of Ken-Tech. A University. With a space program. (They're Kerbals. What did you expect?)

Launch site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral)

Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Names of Tantares parts.


The National Airnian University for STEM Studies. Another University with a space program.

Launch site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral)

Naming Schemes: The word box in many languages.


The Scharvian Space Agency (SSA). What it sounds like. Its predecessor was infamous for developing the K-2 missile.

Launch site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral)/Goldpool International Kosmodrome

Naming Schemes: Purpose - specific German things.


Rocketplane Kerblar. Another private space exploration firm.

Launch Site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral)/Goldpool

Naming Scheme: Uncrewed: Mission-Specific. Crewed: Acronyms.


Crewed Orbital Vehicle (COV) - 3 seat crewed spaceplane. Hasn't flown to space yet. I have no idea what it'll launch on.


Right. On with the (somewhat) exciting bit.


Half Mun Flight - 20


Mission: Deploy the Serena X and XI communtiactions satellites, and test the new RCS thruster placement.

Orbiter: KSS Dauntless (OV-7)

Crew: E1 Pepe Kerman (Commander), P1 Duddas Kerman (Orbiter Pilot), E1 Wensie Kerman (Mission Specialist), S1 Bob Kerman (Mission Specialist).

The Half Mun orbiter Dauntless launched on her 4th mission carrying the Serena X and XI communication satellites to orbit on a Prometheus - III 122K launch vehicle. The plan was to insert into a 160 x 160km equatorial orbit, deploy the satellites, which would use their own engines to enter eliptical orbits 90 degrees apart. But, of course, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. The payload release mechanism failed. so the orbiter came back with the satellites in the cargo bay. Despite the the payload rendering the orbiter hideously unstable in flight, mission pilot P1 Duddas Kerman sucessfully got the orbiter back to the Kape and deployed the emergency landing parachutes, saving the orbiter, payload and crew.

(OOC, I screwed up and forgot decouplers. My bad.)



The Orbiter sits on the pad, stacked up on its Prometheus - III 122K launcher.


With face-crusing forces, the boosters ignite and the rocket leaps off the pad like a hillbilly sitting on an airbag.


The core stage of the Prometheus ignites five seconds before the boosters burn out, increasing g-forces even further. (I'm sure this breaches my Kerbals rights somehow.)


After first stage burn-out and seperation, the (supposedly) re-usable second stage ignites.


The airbrakes deploy on the upper stage before seperation. This will need a re-design before HMF - 21. It burned up in the atmosphere.


The orbiter makes its orbital insertion burn, before ditching the external fuel pod.


Commander Pepe makes an EVA, and realises someone needs firing. (That'd be me.)


After realising the magnitude of the screw-up, the crew return home after 2 days in space.




That was worryingly close...


So, after a wasted mission, the crew return home, slightly disheartened, but alive. They'll fly again on HMF - 22 (the re-run of this mission.)


Edited by NotAgain
Minor SPaG errors, and messing up names.
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On ‎23‎/‎04‎/‎2017 at 5:56 PM, PrathamK said:

You forgot Mechjeb and SCANSat.

A) I don't use MJ. I've never found a reason to. I'm sure I will, but today is not that day.

B) I'll add SCANSat to the list. I do use it. I forgot.

On ‎24‎/‎04‎/‎2017 at 0:21 PM, xendelaar said:

What's happening in the picture with the drogue chutes? I looks like it's going to smash its nose into the ground.

It basically is. That's the Half Mun's emergency landing system. With the satellites in the cargo bay, the orbiter wasn't behaving properly, and I managed to get it to the KSC, but couldn't hold it stable enough to land. The 'chutes are usually for braking, but they're good enough for emergency landings. It dropped to 3.7 m/s. The orbiter was fine, but thanks for your concern.

On ‎23‎/‎04‎/‎2017 at 9:18 AM, UnusualAttitude said:

Neat little shuttle.

What's this!? A compliment from the mighty @UnusualAttitude? AWESOME!

You guys can probably expect an update tomorrow. I have a couple of uncrewed launches done and ready for upload.

Edited by NotAgain
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Smotritel - 1

Mission: Launch the Smotritel - 1 Spy Telecommunications Observation Satellite.

Launch Vehicle: R-7a

The first flight of the Metarian Army Smotritel programme went as close to perfectly as any first flight could. The experimental antenna from ProbesPlus that was flown as a scientific payload failed to do anything exept deploy, but these things happen. The satellite entered an 85 x 85km polar orbit and deployed its equipment, able to listen in on any communication originating anywhere on Kerbin.



The R-7a launcher spools up its liquid fuelled main engine before liftoff from Kaikonur Kosmodrome.


And LIFTOFF of the Metarian Army R-7a carrying the Smotritel - 1 telecommunictions observation satellite.


The attitude control jets on the upper stage start firing to pitch the booster over.


The re-usable solid fuelled boosters seperate prior to landing by parachute.


The liquid fuelled core stage pushes on, shoving the payload up towards its 85km apoapsis.


The first stage seperates.


The fairing shells seperate at high altitude, exposing the satellite.


The experimental new antenna from ProbesPlus is deployed, and fails to do anything.


The solar arrays and primary high-gain and low-gain antennas are deployed.


The hypergolic second stage ignites for the orbital insertion burn.


Oh, look. A beauty shot.


The massive radio observation dish is deployed, and glorious spying can begin.


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With a little hope I'll have an update for you lot tomorrow. In the mean time, you might as well try to guess what this is/where it's going.


The answer will (hopefully) be posted tomorrow. If not, then a more detailed image.

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Blue Anchor - Black Lancer VIII (Part 1)

Mission: Launch Henton and Ludvey to Munar orbit to test out the cis-munar capabilities of the Blue Anchor Block IV CSM by rendezvousing with Munar Surface Operaions Control and then moving to a different orbit, where it will stay nine days before returning to Kerbin. This is your introduction to the Black Lancer 2.

Launch Vehicle: Black Lancer 2

And yes, this is the answer to yesterday's question.



For some strange reason, the administrative staff decided to put a crew on the first flight of a new booster, and first cis-munar mission of the Blue Anchor Block IV, citing concerns that the Kerbonauts "weren't getting out enough".


So, meet our victims entirely willing crew: Comander S1 Henton Kerman (right) and Mission Specialist S1 Ludvey Kerman (left).


The first ever Black Lancer 2 lifts off with amidst the thunder of its 'Twin-Boar' engines and, surprisingly, doesn't blow up.




Shocking the entire mission control crew (who certainly weren't cowering under their stations in fear of dozens of tons of exploding rocket fuel) the launch progresses flawlessly. The booster proves to be beautifully stable, and powerful enough to take a significantly larger payload.


After performing the orbital insertion burn, the first stage is discarded in LKO and the solar arrays and antennas of the Block IV spacecraft deploy.


The Twin Engine Inon upper stage ignites for the Trans-Munar Injection.


Like its forefather before it, the upper stage is jettisoned and the CSM is released to go screaming off to the Mun.



MS: Kanaveral, be advised, that's no moon. That's a (unintelligable).

*Sounds of scuffle*

CMDR: Don't. Just don't. Damn every near munar crew has done that since Blue Anchor - Firedance II. Don't try it.

CONTROL: BA-BL VIII, Flight, is everything alright up there?

MS: (unintelligable)

CMDR: Absolutely fine, Flight.

CONTROL: Are you sure, Blue Anchor?

CMDR: Yes. Ludvey just tried to make the Death Star joke. Thank Kod for Duct Tape.


The CSM's 'Decker' Service Propulsion System ignites for the Munar orbital capture burn.


The crew continue testing of the CSM by rendezvousing with Munar Surface Operations Control (but not docking. We had the engineers remove the port from the CSM to discourage them from doing so.)


Vak 4

Mission: Launch the Vak 4 test satellite into orbit to test out the mauevering system that'll be used on Vak 5.

Launch Vehicle: Saine 2.1

This is the National Airnian University for STEM Studies' third attempt at launching this mission, and sixth attempt at launching a Saine family rocket, which have a 20% success rate.



This is the Saine 2.1. There have been five launch attempts using Saine family rockets. Only one has succeeded so far. That's not that encouraging.


The stubby little LV is released, or, more accurately, unleashed.


Remarkably, the booster starts its pitch program without breaking up.


The rocket continues unerringly upwards. The book-keepers start counting their cash.


Against all odds, the rocket survives to MECO and first stage seperation. It can still go wrong, though.


But it doesn't seem to. The second stage burns flawlessly, butting out of the atmosphere.


The aeroshell protecting the payload seperates, exposing the little satellite.



The orbital insertion is completed, and the second stage looks rather threatening.


The satellite is released and tests its maneuvering thrusters.


Vak 4 turns toward the sun, and the entirity of Mission Control breathes a sigh of relief.


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Blue Anchor - Black Lancer VIII (Part 2)

After leaving Henton and Ludvey in Munar orbit together for nine days, we come back to two annoyed, but remarkably non-homicidal Kerbals.



After spending nine days in a Munar orbit in a capsule that had smelt like a portaloo since flight day two, S1 Henton and S1 Ludvey are more than ready to return home, to gravity, proper food, a space large enough to swing a kat, and, most importantly, toilets that aren't glorified freezer bags.


The 'Decker' SPS engine ingnites one last time for the trans-Kerbin injection burn, suddenly flattening the crew into their seats, and booting the Block IV spacecraft out of Munar orbit.


The view though Henton's window on the way home.


Turning off-angle to avoid crashing into it during reentry, the Service Module is jetisoned before the command module hits the atmosphere.


The heating beigns to toast the Service Module.


The Service Module breaks up, creating the marvellous light show that we've all come to know and love.


After landing, the floatation aids deploy to prevent to crew from meeting a watery demise. Not a particularly fitting death for a Kerbonaut.


Kerbin Outbound's Fuel Tank

Mission: Something that I've been putting off for a while. Launching a huge fuel tank up to Kerbin Outbound Station, partially fuelled to, A) complete an old contract and, B) to provide a low-orbit fuel depot.

Launch Vehicle: Firedance IV

This is your introduction to the Firedance IV. Prepare yourselves.



Ah, the mighty Firedance IV launcher. Such power. Such deafening power. These things are expensive. Like, 300,000 credits a pop expensive. We try not to use these. Then we end up using them. Yay for a total lack of self-control.


Anyway, after we recieve the advanced payment from the hearing aid companies, we send the most powerful rocket we've ever built screaming (well, more like lumbering) off the pad, carrying the final bit of a contract that's spanned more than four years and two space stations. Ye gods and little fishes, that's been one annoying contract. Long story short, I got a contract to build a space station for around 100,000 credits (back when I thought that was a lot of money), and it had to have 2000 units of LF aboard. I tried with OrbLab 1A, but for some reason it refused to fill out the 'has a docking port, an antenna and can generate power' requirement, so I had to build a whole new station.


Ain't it magnificent?


The view from a TV camera on the ground.



The Firedance IV sprints through the upper atmosphere with all the grace and finesse of a 400lb man being flung out of a trebuchet.


The first stage seperates amidst a cloud of smoke from the seperation motors, and the payload lumbers onwards.


The interstage skirt seperates.


The cryogenic second stage engines finally reach peak thrust and efficiency, sending the glorified fuel tank hurtling into the cosmos.


At 55km up, the aeroshell protecting the payload seperates in a beautiful, petal-like, manner.


And there it is! What a waste of gold foil.


Now, then. How am I supposed to rendezvous with something this unweildy?


Apparantly, I managed it. All hail caffeine.


I'll tell you for free, this thing was an absolute pig to maneuver, and even worse to dock.


Behold, the (partially) finished product. Weighs well over 140 tons currently, and it's only going to get heavier.


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Only one launch for you lot today, as I have several chapters of economics to take notes on.

Smotritel - 2

Mission: Launch the Smotritel - 2 Telecommunications Observation Satellite.

Launch Vehicle: R-7a

This was practically a carbon-copy of Smotritel - 1, with a minor edit as to the useless antenna. The experimental antenna from ProbesPlus that was flown as a scientific payload on Smotritel - 1 was removed, as it did nothing but add weight. The satellite entered an 85 x 85km polar orbit, just like its predecessor, and deployed its equipment, able to listen in on any communication originating anywhere on Kerbin, just as intended.



Another Metarian Army R7-a stands on the pad at Kaikonur after roll-out and awaits the launch window which opens the next afternoon.


After several hours of final checks (and an early departure of the train to the salt mines of the Berrenbeck peninsula due to antenna problems), the R7-a leaves the pad with another entirely innocent, definitely not spying-on-your-phone-calls polar-orbiting satellite.


With the roll program complete, the booster perpares to pitch over to the north.



A lovely picture of the boosters going so fast that they leave a plasma trail.


Aeroshell seperation and externally mounted greeble deployment.


The second stage ignites to put the satellite into its 85 x 85km polar orbit.


The satellite uses its own engine to perform final corrections.


With these missions, I can never resist the opportunity to get northern/southern lights beauty shots.


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Sorry about the long wait, guys, I've had a trying week. So here, have a few launches.

Katie - XXI

Mission: Go and complete a Munar ore scanning contract.

Launch Vehicle: Muo 2

In a desperate attempt to sort out my cashflow problems, I took a contact to scan the Mun for ore. In an attempt to make it fairly profitable, I had to make it fairly small and put it on a fairly cheap launch vehicle. So this happened.



Katie - XXI, the latest in a long line of Katie series probes, stands on the pad at Kanaveral, atop its Muo 2 - Inon Launch Vehicle. Its mission? To temporarily sort out our cashflow problem by conducting an Ore scan of the Mun.


The new varient of our trusty Muo launcher thunders off the pad for the first time, and goes rumbling off into a cloudless night.


Approaching booster separation, the rocket continues to perform nominally.


The booster engines cut off and drop away, leaving the sustainer and verniers to handle the rest of the fuel.


The shortened single-engine Inon lights up and kicks the little probe (and I mean little (in scanner terms). It weighs around half a ton) into orbit.


The Inon does a bit more kicking. To the Mun.




After a lengthy trans-Munar cruise, the probe puts itself into Munar orbit on two re-purposed munar lander engines.


And turns to face the sun and activates its instrument package.


Kerbin Outbound's new docking adaptor.

Mission: Launch the new CADS adaptor for Kerbin Outbound

Launch Vehicle: Black Lancer 1

After realising that I hadn't put a single CADS docking port on the entirity of Kerbin Outbound, I realised this was needed. Seeing as that's the type of port that the new Eleanor Advanced (Eleanor A) re-supply ship uses, it's kinda useful. This mission adds three of them.

Oh, and I'll introduce you to the Eleanor A tomorrow. Stay tuned.



Another trusty Black Lancer 1 stands on the launchpad. These things are rapidly becoming ten-a-penny.






The first stage is used up and separates, leaving the 'Vejur' upper stage to haul the payload up to LKO.






A successful rendezvous and docking brings this mission to a close.


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Eleanor A - I

Mission: Resupply Kerbin Outbound

Launch Vehicle: Firedance IIIB

I suppose that I should introduce you guys to the Eleanor A resupply vessel. It's the product of a little bit of long-overdue logical thinking about my process of re-supplying my space stations. I realised that I could increase my cost-effectiveness by approximately 20 to 30% by using a significantly larger resupply ship. Thus, the Eleanor Advanced was conceived. It's bigger than any resupply vehicle before it, carrying 12 tons of supplies to orbit. That's half the ship's mass.




The Firedance - IIIB launcher is one of our most powerful, but nowhere near the top. But at least 30 tons to orbit is still fairly impressive.




The first stage separates in a blaze of glory. Or plasma. Whatever you want to call it.


The aeroshell splits in two and separates as well.


Ah, look. A metal barrel. How elegant.


The second stage inserts the prototype resupply ship into LKO.


The Eleanor Advanced separates and deploys its solar arrays and antennas.


And proceeds to burn for rendezvous.


Which it promptly acheives.


Ah, yes. That's better.


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Loads of cool screenshots, interesting probes and a lot of attention to detail. This all gives your report a very realistic feel. Do you have any long-term goals or projects in mind for this? And how is Letayushchi coming on? :)

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On 4/21/2017 at 0:20 PM, NotAgain said:

I have weird naming schemes.


On 4/25/2017 at 7:28 AM, NotAgain said:

Smotritel - 1

I'd say. Not quite as confusing as when I was trying to use Algonquin/Lenape/Delaware names for spacecraft, but close. I still can't remember what some of them are.... смотритель? That I'd remember. Clever use.

Rock on, it's what makes different mission reports unique. 


On 5/1/2017 at 7:04 AM, NotAgain said:

I got a contract to build a space station for around 100,000 credits .... and it had to have 2000 units of LF aboard.

You got conned. Me too. It always goes something like this: Contract looks all nice and cushy, pays a couple million, then in the fine detail says "must support 836 kerbals with 900,000 units of monoprop and 10,000 units of liquid fuel." Way I see it, that's just Jeb punching random buttons in the contract generator. 

Edited by Cydonian Monk
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On ‎08‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 10:37 PM, UnusualAttitude said:

Do you have any long-term goals or projects in mind for this?

Yes, a few.

- The Greenwood programme aims to put Kerbals on Duna's moons in Year 10, and on Duna in Year 12, and establish a Duna base around Year 25.

- The Aeronaut programme is a nascent SSTO programme. Game bugs and SSTOs are not a good combination.

- The new Muttles will seriously open up access to Kerbin's moons for science and tourism.

- The Wind Flower class Interplanetary Transfer Ships will support the Greenwood Programme and other ones (flying to Eve's moons, Asclepius, Dres and Vastin). Expect the first module of the first ship to be launched in early/mid summer.

Overall, I want to go everywhere I can. In a (somewhat) professional manner.

On ‎08‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 10:37 PM, UnusualAttitude said:

And how is Letayushchi coming on? :)

It's an expensive programme to run. My save actually is a couple of weeks ahead of the mission report, and we're having serious cashflow problems, so you can expect some approach and landing tests soonish, but Letayushchi Kirpich 0 (the uncrewed test flight) will probably be a couple of months. I'll try and keep you guys entertained in the mean time.


Oh, and:

TWO of my favourite storytellers like this!? That's AWESOME!

Edited by NotAgain
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Double update for you guys today!

Explorer - Matchstick III

Mission: Launch P0 Netha Kerman into sub-orbit on ANSEB's first crewed spaceflight.

Launch Vehicle: Matchstick I

ANSEB is rather behind the curve when it comes to progress in space, having started flying a lot later than most agencies (late Year 5). This is the agency's first attempt at crewed spaceflight. The Block 1 Explorer Spacecraft (and its launcher) don't have a great safety record, with E-M I crashing into the sea less than 30 seconds after liftoff, and the first stage failing to decouple on E-M II until a few seconds before landing. Nevertheless, Netha climbed into her souped-up tin can, and was fired, screaming, into the cosmos.



This is the Explorer Block 1 spacecraft, stacked up on its Matchstick I launcher. This is ANSEB's first ever crewed spaceflight. It really does look better in person, we promise!


This, here, is the blue-haired hero of Airnia: P0 Netha Kerman. She'll be taking this glorified tin can up on a long suborbital flight.



The Matchstick I storms off the pad at Great Ez Kape and towards SPAAAAACE!


The first stage burns out in the upper atmosphere, placing the spacecraft on a near-sub-orbital trajectory.


The spacecraft separates and fires its little solid fuelled payload assist motors.


Once the PAMs burn out, the four Propulsion Module Engines fire up, placing the spacecraft on its trajectory.



NETHA: Flight, Explorer III, I think I can see my house from up here!

CONTROL: Are you sure about that, Explorer?


CONTROL: Guidance, can you confirm that Explorer III is at least 280km from Netha's house?

GUIDANCE: Yes, I can confirm that. There's no way she can see her house. All she should be able to see at her current attitude is the sea.

CONTROL: Explorer III, Flight, I hate to break it to you, but you can't see your house.

NETHA: What? Oh.

CONTROL: Surgeon, can you ensure that our intrepid Kerbonaut has her eyes and head tested as soons as she's back?

SURGEON: Will do, flight.


And now Netha gets to experience the crushing forces of re-entry, like so many before her.


But she soldiers through it, and parachute-lands in the ocean more than half way round the world from its launch site at Great Ez Kape.


Grace - III Operations



This is Grace - III, our second attempt at a nuclear engined space probe, and our first liquid hydrogen fuelled spacecraft.


She's been exploring Duna's moons, and has spent the last few weeks orbiting Nyke, supporting a sweet little lander that she's been lumping around since launch. (I'll show you guys it, if you want.)


The probe has now been re-routed to polar orbit of Duna to complete an ore scanning contract.


This will be Grace - III's last major manoeuver, as it has less than 350 m/s left in the tanks.


That's a beautiful view. Anyway, let the scanning commence!


Edited by NotAgain
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Hey, look! Another double bill!

Smotritel - 3

Mission: Launch the Smotritel - 3 spy satellite.

Launch Vehicle: R-7a

This is the third time you lot have seen a Type 1 Smotritel launch, so I shan't bore you with too many details. 



Oh look. Another R-7a. This is the launch of Smotritel - 3, the final Type 1 Metarian Army Smotritel satellite to be flown.


This launch will complete the fleet, meaning that everywhere on Kerbin will pass within line-of-sight of a Smotritel Type 1 at least three times per day.



After orbital insertion, the satellite deploys its instrument, the huge eavesdropping dish.


Here. have your beauty shot.


Lauren - I

Mission: Launch the Lauren - I Moho probe.

Launch Vehicle: Firestorm I

It's occured to me that I ought to do something a bit more exciting for you guys once in a while, so here's an interplanetary probe.



I suppose it's high time that I flung some more stuff at other planets. With that in mind, this is Lauren - I, fully named the Moho Multiple Flyby Mission. I bet you can't guess where it's going!


And with that, the Firestorm I launcher that'll be carrying this mission to orbit ignites and lifts off from LC - 2 at the KSC.




Two 0.9375m Solid Rocket Boosters kick the rocket off the ground, and separate at around 10km up.


After booster separation, the launcher continues to push for orbit, its 'Skipper' engine producing a not-to-be-sniffed-at quantity of thrust.


There ya go. Feast your eyes on 633kg of high technology.


The 'Skipper' ignites one last time to place the spacecraft and its Single Engine Inon cryogenic upper stage into Low Kerbin Orbit.


In orbit, the first stage separates, and Lauren - I prepares to depart.


The single 'Isor' engine of the transfer stage ignites to send the little probe flying off, closer to the sun than any Kerbal-made object ever before.


Lauren - I has now become the fastest spacecraft in history.


The little space probe is now on course to make a ridiculously fast flyby of Moho in 81 days.


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Just one mission for now, as I have an English essay to get on with.

Explorer - Matchstick IV

Mission: Launch E0 Neilnand Kerman into sub-orbit on ANSEB's second crewed spaceflight.

Launch Vehicle: Matchstick I

In order to prove that E-M III wasn't a one-off, ANSEB have decided to fire another Kerbal into space.



This is the second member of ANSEB's first Kerbonaut class, E0 Neilnand Kerman.


He's being strapped to a bomb and fired into space.


Oh, look. The lighthouse at Great Ez Kape is workinkg.


Travelling at a ridiculous speed, the booster burns out and drops away.


The Explorer capsule's PAMs ignite to push it away from the booster.


Oh look. The sun.


This lovely image clearly shows the monopropellant fuel cells and LV-0 'Aphid' 1kN engines of the Propulsion Module, and the spacecraft's main antenna.


After a few minutes in sub-orbit, Neilnand must, like all things that go up, come down.


And he does so in a firey, glorious fashion.


Ain't that a pretty view.


Anyway, Neilnand and his capsule both land safely and await collection by whatever farmer ANSEB hired to pick up the capsule.


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I'll give you lot a brief look at the beginnings of the previously-mentioned Wind Flower Class Interplanetary Transfer Vehicle.


This is the core component of the upcoming Wind Flower Class spacecraft, the Command Module. It incorporates the spacecraft's bridge, its communications array, its auxillary batteries and solar arrays, the Vehicular Airlock, and the Crew Recreation Facility.

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Evera 2

Mission: Land on Eve. And take some pictures.

Launch Vehicle: R-5a

This, and Evera 3 and 4, are Metkosmos' first attempt at putting a spacecraft on the surface of Eve. The Type 2 Evera consists of a lander, outfitted with several instruments, which will parachute - land on the Purple Marble, and a support orbiter, which will provide communications for the lander. The orbiters also have a camera array aboard, capable of imaging stuff in the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared spectrums. Metkosmos are the only agency ever to successfully send a probe to Eve, with the Evera 1 mission, from several years ago.



So, this is Evera 2. The first three identical probes heading to Eve at this transfer window in an attempt to safely land at least one of them on the Purple Marble. The spacecraft will be launched on an R-5a. Kinda unimpressive, isn't it?



The venerable lifter blasts off from Kaikonur Kosmodrome and heads up through the cloud layer.


The boosters separate, totally failing to create a nice Korolev cross.


The first stage follows suit, dropping away and looking like a huge torch.


The fairings separate at 55km up.


And the spacecraft and upper stage promptly acheive orbit. What you can see here is the upper stage, which is reponsible for orbital insertion and the transfer burn, and the spacecraft itself, which consists of the orbiter (the bit covered in gold foil) and the lander in its aeroshell.


The upper stage ignites one last time for the trans-Eve insertion burn, which will kick the spacecraft onto a course to encounter Eve.


Evera 3

Mission: Land on Eve. And take some pictures.

Launch Vehicle: R-5a



Evera 3 lifts off less than a day after Evera 2, and this time in daylight, no less!



The ascent goes exactly according to plan, with the booster performing beautifully.



Booster and first stage separation both take place without any problems, and the boosters even manage a Korolev cross. See, Evera 2? That wasn't so hard.



The second stage burns to place Evera 3 on a sub-orbital trajectory, and the aeroshell separates.



Evera 3 enters orbit and conducts its departure burn without any problems, and is now on course for Eve.


Evera 4

Mission: Land on Eve. And take some pictures.

Launch Vehicle: R-5a



Oh, look. ANOTHER R-5a carrying ANOTHER Type 2 Evera. I shan't bore you with too many details, apart from the fact that this is a milestone flight for Metkosmos: the 5th last mission of the faithful R-5a. After Kulak P-2, the R-5a will be retired, and replaced with the R-5b.




Oh, look! I actually remembered to take a picture of the Korolev cross this time! Isn't it pretty?





Long story short, the launch goes pretty much perfectly and Evera 4 is now, like its peers, on its way to Eve.


Cassiopea 2

Mission: Orbit and land on Eve.

Launch Vehicle: Daleth 2

Cassiopea 2 is The University of Ken-Tech's second attempt at probing Eve. Their first was launched at the same time as Evera 1, but was lost to a Kraken attack about 30 days after launch. The University have decided to try and fly a tiny lander on this mission too.



This lump of madness here is a Daleth 2. Inside it lies Cassiopea 2, the University of Ken-Tech's fourth attempt at an interplanetary mission, and their second attempt at an Eve mission.


The Daleth 2 is a fairly ridiculous rocket. It's also damned hard to control.


Disregard that explosion. Pay it no attention whatsoever.

I said don't look at it, Jeb!



After a gratuitously eventful launch, the probe reaches orbit.


The transfer burn, unlike the ascent, is gloriously uneventful.


And now, we get a good look at the spacecraft. The little thingamabob on top (above the heat shield) is the lander. Everything else is the orbiter.


Which has to promptly make a minor course correction.


Elizabeth - I

Mission: Enter a polar orbit around Eve and map it. Complete an Eve Ore scanning contract, too.

Launch Vehicle: Muo V 211

Considering their reputation for spaceflight firsts, the KSA have been remarkably slow to launch an Eve mission. I have no idea what they've been doing. But, finally, they're rectifying the situation, and sending a GEB (General Exploraion Bus) orbiter mission. This will be the GEB 3 mission, with GEB 1 being the Katie - XX Minmus Sample return mission, and GEB 2 being the Rose - I Dres orbiter mission that's currently cruising to its target.



Ah, yes. The KSA's long awaited Eve mapping mission, and the third General Exploration Bus mission.


The launcher responsible for kicking this mission into space is a Muo V 211. Assisted by two solid rocket boosters, it'll lift a Single Engine Inon upper stage and a General Exploration Bus outfitted to map Eve.



The aforementioned boosters burn, burn out and separate.





The ascent is completed, the vehicle released, and the first stage discarded in Low Kerbin Orbit.


The SEI upper stage then aligns for the transfer burn to Eve.



And it burns.


And is promptly discarded. The probe is now, like the others, on course.


Elizabeth - II

Mission: Go and investigate Eve's second and third moons, Neith and Gilly.

Launch Vehicle: Firestorm - I 412

Along with their Eve mapping mission, the KSA want to go and have a closer look at Eve's two minor moons, discovered by Evera 1 (Aden, Eve's first moon, was discovered long before Kerbalkind reached space). Little is known about these bodies, as they've only been subjected to one flyby each, by Evera 1. Elizabeth - II will attempt to enter orbit around both.



Right, there's more than one mission being launched to Eve at this window by the KSA. So this is the other one, the Neith - Gilly Orbital Explorer mission, or Elizabeth - II.


It's launched on a Firestorm I 412 lifter, which comprises of a four booster assisted Firestorm I carrying an HCUSS (Heavy Cryogenic Upper Stage System) second stage.


The boosters are mostly there just for thrust augmentation, not for the Delta Vee they deliver.


The boosters burn out and fall away, leaving the 'Skipper' sustainer to push for orbit.




The first stage puts the HCUSS and the spacecraft in orbit and is cut loose, its job done.


The HCUSS then ignites to fling the little ion-engined spacecraft at Eve.


So, this is it: everything from the solar arrays up is Elizabeth - II, the rest is the chemically fuelled braking stage.



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EOTER (Eve Orbital and Terrain ExploRer)

Mission: Land on, and orbit Eve.

Launch Vehicle: Matchstick II - CES

EOTER is to be ANSEB's second interplanetary mission (its first was DOEX, a Duna orbiter). It is comprised of a Solar/Radioisotopic powered mini-lander carrying a tiny compliment of intruments, and an equally tiny orbiter. This is also the first flight of a Matchstick II, and the first use of the Cryogenic Exploration Stage (CES). This starts off the process of Kerbal - rating the Matchstick II for orbital Explorer missions.



So. The Matchstick II launcher. This'll be the launcher for the Explorer capsule for orbital missions, but with a diiferent upper stage. It's also the launcher for ANSEB's second interplanetary mission, EOTER.


Wow. I'd actually forgotten how phallic this rocket looked. Sorry.


The vehicle rolls so it can fly directly eastward and pitches over.


The liquid fuelled boosters burn out and drop away.


The core stage continues to push out of the atmosphere.


And now we get to try out the brand new Cryogenic Exploration Stage.


That's one pretty plume.


So, as usual, the fairing separates in the high atmosphere.


After orbital insertion, the CES reignites to fling the probe interplanetary.


And finally, the probe separates. What we can see here is the lander on top, followed by the orbiter, followed by the braking stage (covered in gold foil).


StrutCo - 1

Mission: Enter orbit around Eve, then Aden (Eve's first moon).

Launch Vehicle: Black Lancer 1A

StrutCo - 1 is set to be the first ever commercially owned interplanetary spacecraft. It is also set to be the first ever Argon fuelled spacecraft. And the first ever spacecraft to orbit Aden. That's an impressive number of firsts.



Finally. This is the last. So, without further ado, I give you the first ever commericial interplanetary probe, stacked up on a Black Lancer 1A launch vehicle at LC-2 at the KSC.


You've probably guessed by now that I'm kinda fond of the Black Lancer series, and for good reason, too. It's a damned useful rocket.


Powerful enough for crewed missions and launches of space station modules, but efficient enough to launch interplanetary probes.


Today, we're doing the latter.



So, the vehicle enters orbit, and we get our first decent look at the probe. It's simply a box of electronics with a couple of solar arrays and an argon fuelled ion engine.


So, the transfer stage ignites and puts the spacecraft on a trajectory for Eve, but doesn't get ditched. Instead, as it has a huge amount of fuel left, I intend to use it as a capture stage at Eve.

Wow. That was actually gruelling to do. Those last two updates took over two days to put together in the midst of exams.

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Georgia - XV

Mission: Launch a little science sat on a shoe-string budget.

Launch Vehicle: Etoh

So, after all those Eve launches, we're pretty tight for cash, but I didn't want to wait out the whole transfer to Eve (when we'll make a fair amount of cash off of contracts), so I built Georgia XV, a little solar-observation satellite to alleviate the atmosphere of boredom around the KSC and net us a little science. I challenged myself to build a scientific mission on a VERY tight budget. This ended up costing (if memory serves) less than :funds:6,000.



So, in an attempt to fix my mid-Eve-transfer boredom, we launched a little science sat.


We're kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel for this one.


The launcher is ancient. It's the same type we used to launch Georgia - II (which may still be functioning. I should check).


But, despite several years in storage, the booster performs remarkably well.


The second stage, unlike the booster, is brand new and custom built, so I'd expect it to perform as well as it does.


The probe core is the same as the ones we used for the first four orbital attempts (Cora III to VI) and the first two successful ones (Cora V and VI). So it's pretty old.


But still functional, it appears! The spacecraft worked, and we netted a few science points.


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Blue Anchor - Black Lancer IX

Mission: Launch Kerbin Outbound Expedition 2 to relieve Expedition 1.

Crew: E1 Eliti (Commander) P0 Trizy (Crewkerb)

Launch Vehicle: Black Lancer 1A

So, after we had to give them a fifty day mission extension because we just couldn't prepare BA - BL IX in time, we finally have the crew ready to relive Janzy and Nelrim as crew of the station. Let's fly.



After 476 days at Kerbin Outbound, It's time for Expedition 1's crew to return home. This necessitates the launch of Expedition 2.


So this is Commander E1 Eliti Kerman (right), veteran of two Munar landings (Blue Anchor - Firedance IX and Blue Anchor - Firedance XI), and Crewman P0 Trizy (left), total novice.


They'll be flying on the first ever Blue Anchor Block IVB, which features several improvements over the Block IV that it replaces. Namely, an improved RCS system, improved life support capabilities, a reserve parachute, an ejection system (incase both parachutes fail), external lighting to make EVAs easier, and a docking light to, well, make night-side and shadowed dockings easier.


Trizy looks remarkably unphased by this wonderous new experience of being shoved into a seat by a barely-controlled explosion.


The explosion becomes significantly more controllable after the boosters burn out and drop away, to be recovered by parachute.


The booster, as always, maintains its perfect safety record and pushes to sub-orbit.


The Block IVB aligns for orbital insertion.


And burns, baby, burns.


The Block IVB now cruises toward Kerbin Outbound.


So. That's Commander Eliti's view of the station on final approach.


And that's the station with two Blue Anchors, old and new.


Blue Anchor - Black Lancer VI Return

Mission: Return Kerbin Outbound Ex-1 to Kerbin

Crew: P1 Janzy Kerman, E1 Nelrim Kerman

After 476 days in LKO, and two more days training up the next crew bringing the grand total up to 478 days, it's high time two of our most experienced Kerbonauts, and our only ones to spend more than a year in space, return home.



So, after training up their replacements, Janzy and Nelrim head home for a REALLY well-earned rest.


That's the sign of a true Kerbonaut. Entirely bored by the red-hot plasma rushing past the window.


And so, the parachute and floatation aids deploy.


And the spacecraft splashes down 478 days after launch.


Finally, our two intrepid explorers return home to a hero's welcome, and FRESH bat paste*.

*Yes, that is an admiring nod to @UnusualAttitude.

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