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What is the strangest bug you have found?


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Basically, what the titles says. Discuss the weirdest bugs you have encountered, and whether they actually benefited you or not. Mine was a good year or two ago, in an older version that I can't remember exactly. But first, some backstory. I make stock combat vehicles. A lot of stock combat vehicles. I was testing a new missile that consisted of 40 seperatrons and a massless part, so it was gonna go FAST. So I loaded up the missile, fired it vertically, and it accelerated faster than anything else I had ever built. I'm not really sure why, but all the seperatrons were bouncing around and slowly moving farther away from the attachment point, but I instantly forgot about it when the missile hit around 750m/s. There was suddenly a 2-3 second lag spike, which confused me, so I switched to some other vehicles around the space centre to try to find the cause. They were all broken, and I realised that somehow, the missile hitting 750m/s had detached EVERY SINGLE joint from every other joint on every craft within load range. Most people would be annoyed at all there crafts suddenly being destroyed for no apparent reason, but I was absolutely ecstatic. My only thought wa something like "omg omg I made a stock (except for editor extensions) nuke or something omg omg they'll probably build statues of me omg" Once I had recovered, I found that the missile reliably did the same thing every time, and within a week,  just when I was placing them on everything and phasing out my old missiles, a new uptdate came out, I unwittingly uptdated and it broke the missile. I then went into a spiral of depression.

Sorry for the wall of text, please share and discuss any sort of weird bugs you have encountered. :)

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OK, I have a really good one, a vicious little bug that cost me a ship, but also handed me two excellent chapters worth of drama for Emiko Station on a silver platter!

It was when a ship of mine, named the Eagle, was exploring the Armstrong Memorial on and Mun. And suddenly, with no warning, it spontaneously overheated and exploded! BLAM!!! :0.0:




The really weird thing was it wasn't just one part that bugged out.... several began to glow red hot at once, and to this day, I have no idea what actually caused it... other than it was obviously a nasty little bug of some sort.

Bad part, it cost me a really cool ship.

The good part, as you can see in the pics, I got everyone off the ship and far enough away to survive the explosion.

Best part, instead of freaking out, I was hitting the screenshot key as fast as possible, and it gave me enough free material to write one of my absolute favorite chapters for Emiko Station, one I hadn't planned on at all until the bug handed it to me, "Until Death Do Us Part...."

(pardon the shameless self-promotion.... but you asked... lol... )

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Well the strangest bug I've encountered...... hhhmmm..... Probably one where if you detach a Maverick Missile (From BDArmory), the thing has a chance to hit the hyperdrive. I don't mean go a little fast; I mean literally hit the hyperdrive. How fast have you done before? Oh, 10km/s? HAH! This thing hit 200 million meters per second before I got bored and reverted flight. 

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Just now, klgraham1013 said:

It was an oddly colored cicada I found in by back yard in high school.   Ended up showing to my science teacher, but his knowledge of bug life was minimal at best.

hahahahahahahahaha not that kind of bug!

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Reposting this


I have a small creepy story to share.


"You CAN'T pilot this thing, Jeb," groaned Bob. "I told you to use the autopilot."

"Okay, okay, let's try again with the autopilot! then!"

8AkqCqq.png"Do you really have to fly full speed two meters above the surface?!"

"I've got it. This autopilot works flawlessly!"

The speeder approached the tower, climbed above its upper surface, and moved slowly towards the roof.

Then - everything went entirely dark and quiet. Bob could only hear his breath in the EVA suit.

Bob stood up, reorienting himself. His vision returned. The old tower was gone. He spotted a silhouette nearby.


"Jeb, is that you?"





"Mission Control! Revert Revert! Rever..."


But Revert didn't help.


The control tower was not the only thing gone. The other thing gone was the Sun. And all other planets. Morning would never come again.


tl;dr: Throttle Controlled Avionics can't handle geometry of the old control tower as reference for altitude hold.

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On 5/25/2017 at 4:39 PM, The Moose In Your House said:

Since friday KSP has been in some kind of "3D" mode, until someone tells me how to fix it  I'll just quit playing KSP. ;.;


that is probably your graphics settings, not the game.

link to an older superuser  forum post about this issue (from win7 days, probably still valid) https://superuser.com/questions/230675/cant-turn-off-red-green-3d-graphics-on-games-for-windows-7

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eh, typo
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I've had few freaky ones, two of them happening on the runway island, but I think the strangest was this.

I'd built a huge set on wheels for my kerbal style 2001: A Space Odyssey story to allow me to take a couple of screenshots that I needed.

In the "vehicle" were a group of kerbals that I was using the EVA Follow plugin to move around more easily. At some point the whole set/vehicle started shaking and jumping around and the kerbals started falling through the thing onto the ground below. Ok, so far so normal as bugs go, but then one of the kerbals (the one I had set at the controlling one for EVA Follow) took off at a run towards the KSC, followed by the other kerbals, eventually arriving at R&D buildings and continued through some of the alleyways there.



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2 hours ago, Stratzenblitz75 said:

Over my time of playing KSP, I've had my fair share of bugs. But none of them come close to a bug I encountered on one of my Laythe missions.

I honestly have no words...

Garry Kerman's Mod. :sticktongue:

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My trains seem to constantly have seizures...It seems that putting a lot of landing gear on small craft is not a good idea. It seems to be the "suspension" they have over powering the weight of the relatively small cars?

Then theres the bigger trains (signature for reference) which in this update, can't go very far without one or all of the smaller rover wheels breaking...

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Quantum entanglement of Jeb. I cloned Jeb accidentally (somehow with a bug in TakeCommand, I guess) and then, after a minor crash, it seems whatever controls were given to Jeb 1, Jeb 2 did the same. I have a video.


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