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So what song is stuck in your head today?


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2 hours ago, Just Jim said:

Before anyone says "It's just a Metallica cover"... look very very carefully at the date


I kinda thought it sounded familiar when I heard the Metallica version, but was probably mistaken. Sounded great (VHS notwithstanding), but they were probably ahead of their time, but not by much. Here’s their official music video version, listening in my car while on lunch right now. Sounds EPIC


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This popped onto sat radio on my wife's car. The song was ubiquitous on the radio 20 years ago to the point of being sick of it... 


4 hours ago, TheSaint said:

Have this stuck in my head today. I actually prefer this version to the original Al Green version, this soundtrack gets regular play in the truck.

I like both—and the Talking Heads cover as well.

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