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On 4/26/2017 at 7:55 AM, DarthVader said:

Use BDB. FASA used to be good but is now un supported garbage.

While I LOVE BDB,  It is not true that FASA is either Unsupported (they have just recently released a new update) OR Garbage (Visually for a realistic-ish NASA look, FASA is still king!)   FASA has taken up approximately 2000 of the 2800 hours of KSP play I have at this juncture.   I was using FASA well before Mercury was even in development.   Then I got off my "Size Queen" kick I was on (you know, proper rocket sizes are either 0.625, 1.25, 2.5 or 3.75 or 5m....)   I have now found BDB to be a more realistic in Kerbal Scale performing mod...   


I would suggest you post in the BEST place to find out about this issue:  

But it appears that the Petal adapters were staged backwards (last I knew there were TWO staging you needed to perform to use it.) You poped the Petal plates then popped the release of the CM/CSM stack.  Since I rarely flew Saturn V rockets (Saturn II FTW!) and I was using other mod's adaptor plates... I can't help more than that


Conversely if you want a Stock alike or Porkalike look and feel and a mod that is currently actively being worked on at a high level of advancement, then BDB is the Saturn carrying mod you want.

Both Mods are AWESOME. (there @CobaltWolf I said it and meant it! :D )  It just depends on what you really want to fly.   As described above, BlueDog's art is not quite a NASA look and feel. but rather designed to have the look and feel of the parts made by @Porkjet and at that it excels and @CobaltWolf is currently working on an art refresh to make it even MOAR

I hope this helps you mustangpilot51.  



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