Some imgur links in his post went missing, here’s the ful album with all the images: My Ship: One Mammoth Core and 4 Mammoth boosters (All feeding the core as well) push a ship into Orbit, that has 19 Nuclear Boosters, wich detach in pairs asparagus-style. - Launch Mass: 1330 t - Parts: 249 - Cost: 667,686   I chose the Jool-Transfer to be a bit late so I arrive at Jool with quite some extra velocity. I'm not entirly sure if that's the best way to do it but It gave me an encounter to dream about. Here are more details hidden:   Now I got my encounter set. At Jool Periapsis, I burn another 500 m/s to raise my (clockwise) perihelion to touch Eve's orbit. Now we're leaving Jools SOI again, preparing to "correct" our relative inclination with our next Target, Eve, to exactly 180 degrees. We're going to do multiple flybys of Eve, burning as close as possible to its high mass to lower our aphelion.  You know what, let's forget about EVE. It's too much fiddeling around for me (made a Quicksafe if this doesn't work out), we'll try to do a rendevous with Burberry right away. Note: It's weird being in a retrosolar orbit. Finally, the rendevous with Burberry Kerman. We still have 10.500 m/s of delta-v left at this point. Just look how happy he is: Having done what I have done, I think I might be able to get him back after all. First, I'll head back to Jool. The gravity Jool-assist that was supposed to bring us back into a counter-clockwise orbit did'nt work out as well as planned. I mean: we could get back ... in about 2000 Years. Screw the Jool-Assist, I have 7000 m/s left. Why not spent 5000 of them to turn our orbit aroud? (my Orbital velocity right before entering Jool's SOI is around 2500 m/s. The last pair of nuclear boosters were unintentionally droped right into Kerbol! Great! Success! - Mission Time: 10Y 35d