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RO RSS RP0 Science Problem

Winston L


Hi everyone,

First of all i'm new to this forum (even though i'm following it for a long time now) and i want to thank you all for the wonderful job you're doing with it.

I'm experiencing a bug with my install, All the science equipment stopped working, more precisely i can't right click them, only the film return camera displays the option of opening the doors but i can' run the experiment, after some testing i found out that only the magnetometer boom and the plasma detector are working proprerly.

This bug occured during a Carrer save file, all of a sudden it stopped working (i noticed it after a moon landing) and only the vessel built and launched before that mission have working science equipment.

The last mod i installed was FASA, i tried to disinstall it and start a new carrer but the bug is still there.

Here is the list of mods i have installed:

Soviet Probes v2.0
Soviet Rockets 1:v2.1
Stock Extension v.25.2
TACLS v0.12.3.2
TACLS RO config v11.3.2
Taerobee Stockalike x-1_more 1.2.3
Tantares 36.0
Tantares LV
TextureReplacer v2.4.13
Toolbar 1.7.12
Universal Storage
US Probes Pack v0.53
Ven’s Stock Part Revamp v1.9.5
Soviet Engine Pack 0.1
Soviet Engine plugin v2.3
SmokeScreen Extended FX Plugin
Skylab v1.5
ScanSat v16.6
Rocketdyne F-1 1.2
RemoteTech v1.7.1
Realistic Progression 0 v0.51
RO Craft files v11.3.2
RO v11.3.2
Real Heat v4.3
RealChute v1.4.1.1
RSS Texture 4096x2048 v.10.4
RSS v.11.4.0
Real Scale boosters 0.14.5
Real Plume 2:v10.5.1
Real Fuels rf-v11.3.1
RCS Build Aid v0.8.1
Procedural Parts v1.2.5
Procedural Fairings - For Everything v0.2.0
Procedural Fairings v.3.17
Persistent Rotation 1.8
Near Future       spacecraft 0.5.1
                          Solar Core 0.6.2
                          Solar 0.6.2
                          Propulsion 0.7.4
                          IVA Props 0.5.1
                          Construction 0.6.4
Module Manager 2.6.25
Modular Flight Integrator
KSC Switcher 0.6
Copernicus Planetary System Modifier 2:release 1.1.3-1
Kerbal Renamer 0.6
Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.2
Hangar Extender 1:v3.4.8
Forgotten Real Engines
Firespitter Resources coffin v7.3.0
Firespitter core v7.3.0
Filter Extensions - Plugin
FAR 3:
Dmagic Orbital Science 1.3.2
Deadly Reentry Continued v7.4.7.1
Custom Barn Kit
Contract Configurator 1.19.0
Connected Living Space
Community Tech Tree 1:2.4
Community Resource Pack
BahamutoD Animation Modules 1:v0.6.3.1
B9 Part Switch v1.4.3
B9 Aerospace Procedural Wings - Fork 1:0.40.7
Atomic Age 3.2
Antares.Cygnus 1:v1.1
Advanced Jet Engine v.2.7.2
FASA 5.44
 All of this mods except  FASA were installed using CKAN.

And here is the link to the player log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u1d25xfh8yab8a7/Support.zip?dl=0

The game version is 1.1.3 and i'm running Mac OS X.
I apologize for my english, i hope that what i wrote it's clear.
   Thanks for your time and your help.

Edited by Winston L
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Ooof, quite the mod list. Are you sure you just didn't burst through the memory limit on your computer?

I'd suggest trying to make a copy of your game, and start removing mods to see when/if the bug goes away.

Maybe try removing RemoteTech or DMagic first? It could've been a 'minor' mod update that caused the whole issue, which is why I'm very careful about allowing mods to update through CKAN. Letting a dozen mods update all at once is a recipe for ending up with a random bug and not knowing which mod might have been responsible.

Good luck!

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According to the activity monitor i have 40% of ram free, I tried to remove those 2 mods but the result is the same, I'll try removing the other mods and see what happens.

How do i block the auto update on CKAN? i thought they were manual since when i start the game i get a message that there are new version of some mods.

Edited by Winston L
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On 6/14/2017 at 1:04 PM, Icarium said:

I have a similar problem in my KSP 1.2.2 RO RP0 +++mods installed. Only about half of the science experiments work.

Same issue here on 1.7.1 . This is an issue with RP0. Can someone avail what config inside RP is doing this ? 

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