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^^^that's sorta what I was getting at before. I put it at a different part of the SH render where  a 3x5 "squares" rectangle fits within that render's gridfin. You can look at the image neopork did and find a 3x5 section.

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1 hour ago, magnemoe said:

Now why split it for transport as it would fit on an truck anyway and smarter to make it at an factory? 

The factory making giant rockets isn't good enough?

It was only moving "inside" the factory, after all.

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2 minutes ago, munlander1 said:

I was just thinking that the birds better get out of the way before it gets too toasty but there was no reason for my concern 

I was fully expecting to see seabird roast in a few seconds there. 

Looked like the landing burn started, you could see it in the clouds. I wonder if the engine aborted or if it exploded in flight.

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