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10 minutes ago, paul_c said:

You could argue that presenting the info in 7 time zones is not necessary; that one (UTC) is good enough, since it is used worldwide as a standard to avoid confusion.

Yeah, aviation generally calls out times in UTC (although called something else) anyway, right? Zulu time, was it?

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33 minutes ago, RyanRising said:

I think some of the Raptor people heard complaints from the outside about not being able to see the engines’ serial numbers. 

Image by bocachicagal, posted to the NSF forum.

Fun Fact: According to Wikipedia there were only 47 SSMEs build in total, one of those never flew.

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Starlink-17 (finally!):


& mission control audio


EDIT: Droneship landing for booster B1049, fairings will be fished out of the Atlantic by GO Searcher and GO Navigator.

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7 hours ago, ExtremeSquared said:

Limited cameras on this flight. <_<

I wonder if it's cause they're all of a sudden shy about cameras or if it's cause they want to use that telemetry elsewhere.

Also, it's scrub city around these parts.

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