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SpaceX Discussion Thread

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1 minute ago, RCgothic said:

Still haven't seen proper tank farm activity, so it's probably not going to fly before the hour IMO.

Yeah, 1554 UTC is impossible at the moment.

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There was some ground venting while they were pulling the pins on FTS, but yeah, no way it's 09:54 local


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8 minutes ago, The Doodling Astronaut said:

yay this thread is hot now. I would guess they are waiting for clouds to clear


You can see that cloud bank just clipping them right now, but it is going away, and heading offshore.


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12 hours ago, StrandedonEarth said:

Now he's starting his own game of Elon Musk's Civilization, with the starting city of Starbase.

So, it's former Boca-Chica, afaijustr.

1. Why not rename it in StarbocaChica, i.e. *BocaChica?
It would save them efforts with official renaming. 
The ignoramuses and officials would keep calling  it "BocaChica", while the initiates would know that the first char is "star" and pronounce it correctly, "StarBocaChica".
No official renaming would be required.

2. Will now BocaChicaGal be renamed into StarBaseGal ?

3. Will there be Starbucks there, or they will take the "star bucks" too personally and prohibit it at all?

Still waiting for the EMS signatures for the Starships.


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Until SpaceX stream I have NSF stream on for pics, with the sound off. Labpadre on for the sound (since no stupid patter).

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Looks like there's been a hold for a bit.

Recondenser is now active again. Maybe a recycle to the start of the process again.

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1 hour ago, Vexillar said:

I've submitted my application for Dear Moon too!  But I think they sent me the wrong certificate :(.



So, is he... standing on Bob’s head?

....hope the air filtration works down there... :wacko:

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