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SpaceX Discussion Thread


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Having pretty much watched this all day: I'm pretty stoked.


My kids gave up after the two crashes - but when  I started yelling?  Oh yeah.


Of course, my 13 y.o. was like 'what's the big deal, Dad?'


...History, Son.  History.

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That was freaking awesome! Congrats to all the hard workers at SpaceX for pulling this off.

The best part? By the time it flew, I was able to be home from work, showered, PC plugged into the TV, and had my boys here to watch it with me.

Although they missed it blowing up just now. Like holey crap!

Anyways, who cares? Huzzah, SpaceX, huh to the freakin zah!

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Yeah... Given the fire just after landing I actually was worried more about an explosion than toppling, but without landing legs and quite a heavy landing, that was expected.

Still, it landed! That's a huge success in and of itself!

Edit: Should've informed myself before, since an explosion is exactly what happened. A bit embarrassing, but the landing isn't erased by that!

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That fire suppression system stopped spraying water (maybe they ran out?) and then right after that it blew up. I'm assuming there was an active fire going in in there the whole time, but as long as the water was cooling it down, the structure was surviving. As soon as the water stopped spraying, temperatures rose and something failed.

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