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I suspect it was a deliberate destruction before letting people near it. With its (maybe) landing leg failure and lean, the remaining fuel was at the bottom and helping it remain upright. If they'd pumped or vented the fuel out, it would have probably become less stable and fallen over - before the fuel was out - so blown up sooner or later anyway. 

So they needed to resolve the situation before the road closure/evacuation time window was up.

Get the data off it, double check its received okay, get a shedload of pics and videos of critical components once it had landed; then press the button. I imagine some parts will be recoverable for later examination anyway.

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SN10 had to go out in style, didn't it? ;.;

16 minutes ago, CatastrophicFailure said:

Initial landing burn on two, touchdown on one, because hover. 


This is not a concussion-induced hallucination, that actually happened. :D

Ha! Nice one, thanks for the laugh!

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Just now, RCgothic said:

Catching up on the Everyday Astronaut feed I'm pretty sure the landing legs deployed, it was just a hard landing.

I saw a couple in the NSF feed (was just replaying), but it looked like maybe not all of them?

Als, they showed a side view after landing—end on the the tiles, but they were there, at least a fair number.

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3 minutes ago, CatastrophicFailure said:
Not where the FTS charges are. 

I think they are suggesting that they "allowed" the situation to develop to detonation, rather than use a termination system that is designed to be used at altitude. In other words, this situation is not what FTS is designed for, so its entirely logical that it wasn't used.

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