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Just now, JoeSchmuckatelli said:

They are gonna be perilously close to the max height/weight lift for that crane.  I wonder if they'll anchor it somehow.

Knowing spacex, they could just put some people around B4 to move Starship with their bare hands. Not like they haven't done that already with Superheavy:D

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17 minutes ago, BuranAce said:

Any word on the FAA Approval? id like to see this thing blast off soon.

At least a month probably much more. Just entering a minimum one month public consultation period, after which the are more steps. Environmental Impact Assessments don't move fast .

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6 minutes ago, Lukaszenko said:

Why would lifting capacity reduce with height?

Basically the crane gets less stable as it lifts a load, so to compensate it gets derated.

CoG gets higher, overturning moment of wind on the load increases, things like that 

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3 hours ago, Beccab said:

Your money is safe! Wooooo!


Edit: even better, thanks to Ocean Cam we could hear a speaker announce stacking of S20 at 2pm local time, or one hour from now

So many cranes, there they could do an 


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How galling it must be to have worked so hard on something like this - and then know it is gonna be a reef. 

Any chance they'll have a drone ship out there "just in case" they have the power to attempt to land the booster?  Or even S20 (which is the most unlikely - but maybe worth a shot?) 

Can they even recover the ships if they are soft landed in the ocean? 

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