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1 minute ago, Flying dutchman said:

They should play the Interstellar docking scene music (no time for caution) when docking to the iss since the mothership in that movie was also called endurance. :)

They should also make the wake up music so loud that you can't hear any dialogue, full Nolan style

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It prooves that they are actually building a space lift, and the tower is its ground stop.

Now they are trying to stack the tether.


Just in case, after watching the videos in kOS thread...

Do they realize that the Kerbin re-entry speed is 2.6 km/s rather than 7.8 km/s, so to say "it works in KSP" they should have the RSS installed?


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NTRS document about starship reentry observation, with a few important new informations:
- In August when it was published it was targeting March 2021 as a reentry observation opportunity. The EA hadn't come out on that, so depending on wether that was a limiting factor or not in the evaluation the date has probably shifted either right or left. We'll see, personally I believe in ~february

- Starship tiles are called Starbrick

- Was speculated before, but NASA will observe reentry using WB-57F planes (see below):


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