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This launch had ignited a mass emotional feeling for me. Literally I was screaming and yelling and crying and I never do this with neighbors living in the apartments next door. No matter who you are, your will break down and defy your own rules cause this launch was historic to the max. No sporting event will ever unlock such an emotion. Conrats Space X and god speed!

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1 minute ago, DAL59 said:

Now I'm very optimistic that this is just 6 years away:


If Elon doesn't screw up, and I really don't want him to, then yes, I am as optimistic as you.

It's crazy, don't you think? We (or probably just me) were born in the 21st century, missed every important event, the space race, moon landings, etc. For god's sake, even the Space Shuttle was cancelled! And just when I think that we're confined to LEO, this comes in and blows my mind. I am actually proud now.

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1 minute ago, llanthas said:

I could sense the dread from some of them though...  We're a NASA contractor. 

Yeah.  One of my coworkers here remarked that he was kind of sad it wasn't NASA.



Is SpaceX hiring in the IT department?

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