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5 minutes ago, CatastrophicFailure said:

I saw a tweet saying the Orbit was tracked at 7000x180km, can anyone run the math and figure out the period?

Won’t matter, it’s doing the tmi burn about now, it ain’t coming back :) 

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2 hours ago, DerekL1963 said:

orget that FH was announced in 2011 with a target launch date of 2013

As I have said several times, that FH was not planned for reusability.  They then decided on reusability, so they had to develop the 9's reusability first.  The FH propsed in 2011 was different than the one that just launched.  

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Can someone point me to information about the Roadster and it's payload? I'm trying to look it up in order to make a Stellaris mod, and I simply can't find some of the information.

Namely, I'm curious as to-

What the overall mass was (is there a big block of cement in there somewhere?)

Where in the car is the Ark 5D disk?

Is the paint a polymer, or something with a lower chemical weight more likely to hold up when exposed to solar wind?

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Oddly (as anyone paying attention to my post exchanges with @DAL59 knows), I agree with him on the FH delays. The continuous improvements in the M1D engine, and the stretched "1.1" version of F9, obviated the need for FH for almost all payloads. FH will not exist to throw heavier stuff to GEO, I think it will be used to throw stuff they now expend boosters on to GEO, without losing the boosters. They clearly put their R&D efforts towards reuse before bothering with throwing away 3 boosters at a time.

All that said:


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When I watch these Falcon 9 and FH landings, it is easy to underestimate the size of the boosters.  My mental image of them was them eing 3 stories tall.  

Nope.  They are HUGE!


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Ok, I've looked at the positions and trajectories of Earth, Moon, and Mars, and it looks like a perfect time to do some shenanigan swinging under the Moon in 2-3 days right onto a Mars intercept trajectory for the end of summer. If I'm right about this, I'm going to be tripping balls as much as Elon himself.

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