(Engine's mod problem) Vehicle turning to the right

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I'm making a mod that will introduce a completely new way to make wheels work. I already have the models and the basic systems working. The mod will add a new resource, torque, that engines make in exchange of fuel. Wheels use torque instead of electric charge.

The thing is that it seems KSP, when the wheels are checking for torque, checks the left wheels first and therefore gives more power to them. This makes the car turn slightly to the right.

The easy fix is that every player adjusts the traction limiter of the wheels perfectly, which is pretty time consuming and confusing.


My idea, in which I need help with, is making it so that the wheels somehow check for the amount (persentage) of torque in the engine and adjust how much they take. 

This sounds pretty simple but I have ZERO background in coding and these CFG files in general.


As of right now, this is how the wheel takes torque, just for clarification:

            name = Torque
            rate = 1000


And this is the resource conversion part of the engine:

            ResourceName = LiquidFuel
            Ratio = 0.035
            FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW
            ResourceName = Torque
            Ratio = 200
            DumpExcess = false

        name = Torque
        amount = 20
        maxAmount = 20


Any ideas, help, or feedback are seriously appreciated :wink:

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