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I've been wanting to put the Upsilon Andromedae system into Interstellar Adventure Revived for quite some time. Back when I was first developing version 1.0, in fact. However, IA-Revived is too cluttered for this whole system to fit without making the mod too large. The planets in this system are so large that they would need hordes of moons to compliment them. I would need to give the system it's own planet pack! So...that's what I did.


UPSILON KANDROMEDAE is a Kerbalized version of the real-life Upsilon Andromedae system, featuring...

  • The two stars (Titawin and Upsilon B)
  • All four planets (Saffar, Samh, Majriti, and Upsilon E)
  • A bunch of moons (24 planned in total)
  • Biomes for all terrestrial objects
  • Custom atmospheres and oceans
  • A very bizarre and Kerbal-like collection of objects.
  • Scaled-down Kerbol to compensate 

The mod will be in my classical "Real-ish Kerbal Scale" - 1/10th the radius, 1/100th the mass, 1/10th the planetary distance, and 1/500th the stellar distance as in real life. That would make the system close enough to reach but still a difficult challenge to even get an encounter with. All the objects here are made to be worlds all their own, each with widely different science opportunities and landscapes for whatever playing style you do.

CURRENT STATUS (June 3rd, 2017):

The two stars and the four planets have all been made and textured. I will need to fix their texture seams (made them purely with GIMP). Rings are added to Samh and Majriti. All objects have been made in the correct scale, meaning that they also have the same gravity that they would in real life (nearly 39 gees for Samh!). The four planets have internal heating as well - the closer you get to the center, the hotter it is. The tops of their atmospheres are their equilibrium temperatures. As of now, I've finished four of Upsilon E's 5 planned moons, one moon of Samh, and one moon of Majriti. I am currently working on the textures for three more moons around Majriti.






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New updates and stuff [3June2017]
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I've gotten several more moons done in the last few days. There's one of Planet C and three for Planet D. Two have oceans, and one of them is named Craio after the world created by @Samio. Screenshots coming eventually.

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51 minutes ago, ProtoJeb21 said:

More screenshots! More moons!




Full album here. I may have the first version of the mod done in a few days.

Those look amazing!

Can't wait for the release! :D

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