Kerbin Space Exploration Administration (KSEA)-[WHAT A NUDGE]

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For clarification this would be Kerbin Orbiter's space program however that save is corrupted and well I've done two saves on that one so this is the third save

ive added a few mods, removed some aswell, most notably RT because KOS refuses to do anything with RT installed even with a connection


so are you planning to go to Duna?

KSEA-"yes we are we plan to go to Duna by the end of the decade"

will you  be using falcon heavy?

KSEA-"no we won't we will be unavailing the rocket in around 10 days all I can tell you is it's HUGE"

woule you take it to the Mun and/or Minmus?

KSEA-"we will take it to the Mun but not Minmus because Minmus doesn't have the gravity"


Currently the KSEA is working towards a recoverable rocket (this is the time i show you my code)

Launch vehicles


Falcon 1


No payload dV: 4882 m/s

Max payload to orbit: 1.2 tonnes

Max payload to Kerbostationary: N/A

Falcon 9 1.0


No payload dV: 5582m/s

Max payload to orbit: 42t

Max payload to GTO: 10t

falcon 9 1.1


No payload dV:  5045

Max payload to orbit (no recovery): 48t

Max payload to orbit (ASDS Flyback): 33t

Max payload to orbit (KSC Flyback): (wont be used with this veriant

falcon 9 1.2 (Full Thrust)


(currently not avalable for commercial usage)

Falcon heavy


Not for use yet



It's big.


how to get involved


Launching a Kerbaut:


1. Name of Kerbal (doesn't need Kerman surname)

2. Traits

3. Veteran?

4. Jebediah mode?

5. Profession (Pilot, Engineer or Scientist)?

Launching a payload:


1. Name 

2. Launch vehicle

3. Intended orbit?

4. Launch before?

5. Function

6. Is it a station (you may create a station with others)

7. (Link to spacecraft)


Scheduled launches:


KSEA-LAUNCH 1-Verify the falcon systems and design

KSEA-Grasshopper 1-to test the KSEA suicide burn teqneec and equasions max height will be 5.4 meters (yes im doing a spaceX methord of testing

K SEA-LAUNCH 1.1-Clasifued payload, coverage ends on fist stage landing

KSEA-Grasshopper 2-40 meters

KSEA-Grasshopper 3-80 meters

KSEA-LAUNCH 2-verify the falcon is able to reach orbit and the first stage able to re-enter the atmosphere

KSEA-Grasshopper 4-250 meters

KSEA-LAUNCH 3-Verify the falcon can do a boost back burn (it wont hit the KSC directly it will hit K2)

KSEA-LAUNCH 4-payload sugestion needed.

KSEA-Grasshopper 5-1Km

KSEA-LAUNCH 6-launch the first Kerbo-stationary satilite 

KSEA-LAUNCH 7-Lauch 2 satilites on 1 rocket

KSEA-Launch 8-launch the Crater space telescope @cratercracker's telescope again and test a safe touchdown in the ocean if things go to plan it will not survive because there will be no landing barge

KSEA-Grasshopper 6-5Km

KSEA-Grasshopper 7-10Km

KSEA-Grasshopper 8-11Km

KSEA-Grasshopper 9-15Km

KSEA-Grasshopper 10-25Km 

KSEA-LAUNCH 9-try to SOFT LAND in the ocean on a barge (no boostback)

KSEA-Grasshopper 11-30Km (will be final landing altitude)

KSEA-Grasshopper 12-2 (two falcons to test falcon heavy landing system)-30Km

KSEA-LAUNCH 10-KSC boost back no landing

KSEA-Launch 11-KSC Boost back and LANDING

Mission: Kerbinorbiter sat One

objectives: Launch the satilite into orbit

Secondary objective: Safe splashdown in the ocean 


we are now constructing a space station, i will also put the save file for downlaod every fortnight (two weeks)

mod list incase you want to create a module for me

video versions (release one soon!)

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updates, updates more updates

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reports have shown that the KSEA has a Milatery launch contract because this was seen rolling out from the SPH....

while a falcon first stage was on the launch pad...suspictus eh?

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KSEA was actually the name of my career save before! :wink: And my planned space program... but you can totally use it! :) 


My KSEA ends when Jebediah, Bill, and Bob sunbathe a little too close....


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in a press release the KSEA has announced its almost ready to land a rocket:

"So when are you ready to land a rocket?"
KSEA-"Within the next few launches becuase we have worked out the landing ratio (altitude = (speed/8)*100) so we now need to work out our minimal descent velocity (a throttle with a TWR of 0.99)."

"are you still taking payload sugestions?"

KSEA-"yes totaly we are taking payload sugestions"

Launch KNRO 1

outcome: FAILURE

the mission started well, then after stage separation according to the sensors on the first stage seconds before the control system exploded the impact mesurers on the inside of the intestage recorded an impact with what was probobly the engine bell of the Merlin 1D Full Thrust engine.

Mission: Kerbal sat I

Objectives: launch the first mapping satilite into LKO

Secondary objectives: LAND THE FIRST STAGE

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what does this mean... could it be a war?we dont know but perhapse this is why the military wanted to launch this

(it doesnt)

KSEA's first kerbinaut class 1A has been selected their flight times are going to be a in the next year

Mun mission 1!

Vehcile KSLS (Kerbal Space Launch System)


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the new crew is about to launch to the KSS stand by for a report soon and the 6 month crew: Jeb and Bob will be kerbin bound in 72 days ill be trying to make that descent a realistic one with the Search and recovery crew and the huge tri pod thingy to go over the capsule

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the construction of the KSS is going on nicely...

also i launched 1 module yesterday and modules 2 and 3 today


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KSEA Is now international... now taking Requests from other mission reports for Kerbalnauts 

next crew:

Valentina Kerman KSN (kerbistanian)

Bob Kerman USK (United States of Kerbin)

Crater Kerman UCC (United Crater Crackern) for @cratercracker to say thank you

they will be flying on the Kerbstanian Kerbyuz today at 12:00 GMT

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On 29.05.2017 at 7:00 PM, SpaceEnthusiast23 said:

Where did you get the cameras?



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3 minutes ago, cratercracker said:


acctualy i was in a scientific mood so i was like well how can i get that camarea (debunking myself here) HullcamVDS cannot get that far in view so its fake :) 

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