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Show-Off Your Futuristic Spacecraft!

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I love me some good sci-fi whether it is Star Trek, Titanfall, Halo, Star Citizen, or most anything else. I also happen to really enjoy recreating spacecraft in KSP from different games, movies, shows, etc. I haven't really found an official thread that focuses on sci-fi ships regardless of functionality. I figured I'd start a thread for any spacecraft that seems remotely "sci-fiey" whether or not it actually serves a purpose or if it even flies with out cheats/mods. So, post away your awesome sci-fi spacecraft! :P

I'll start with some of my own:




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I'll just leave this here...

My SSTO "Archangel" (from gundam SEED)


My first SSTO "Starlight Dream"


The ship that bears my name "ARS"


and my latest SSTO "Grateful Sunray"


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I built the Gungnir for the Kethane Station ship submission thread as a flagship for my fleet.  It has 3,500m/s delta V and can extend it's range with built in refineries.  It also has a large hangar bay that can host up to 16 light space fighters or four additional long range cruise missiles.  This combined with the four missiles it already has makes the Gungnir an extremely formidable opponent.  However, the Gungnir is not just a warship.  Two science bays in the rear of the ship allow on site research during extended deployment.


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Something slightly less futuristic: "Swan" transport ship (named after the long nose section located above the ship's length axis), powered by a KSPI fusion reactor and three Karborundum Fusion Drives. Has a TWR of about 0.4 and a dV of 42 km/s with a 135 ton payload. That'll take it from LKO to Jool and back 4 or 5 times. The nose of the ship still needs some work as I'm not quite sure if I like the cockpit, although it does offer great visibility in almost all directions.



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The RRS Polaris class fleet support ship:

 The Polaris class fleet support ship`s main role is to re-fuel a fleet, with on-board mining drones, transport short range fighters, and transport ammo/supplies. The ship has 3 nervas, 3 docking port jr.`s, and two sr.s, sr.s are for re-fueling operations, the jr.s are for general use (I.E miners, light fighters). Notice the area under the main structure, thats were the docking port jr.s are.


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The Infinite range, able to land almost anywhere.. Phoenix 2, High Velocity touring vehicle. 100% re-entry heating, can hit orbital velocity around 25k meters up with carefully handled flight using solely the nuclear ramjet on atmosphere intake. Rugged landing gear and chutes can let this aircraft climb some steep slopes.





Crew exit is Cargo bay 3.

Vital stats:


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 79
  • Mods: 5


  • B9 Aerospace Parts Pack
  • KSP Interstellar Extended
  • Near Future Spacecraft


Warning: Landing gear retraction is not ground physics/collider friendly, may "bunny hop" if retracted while on ground.

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