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[1.7.x ~ 1.3.x] AirlockPlus: EVA to/from any part, using any airlock [ v.0.0.11 @ 2019-06-02 ]


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On 12/24/2020 at 6:42 AM, eberkain said:

the alt-click on a hatch to eva a kerb from any pod to that hatch doens't seem to work anymore.   :( 

Its working but because framewait is too short it usually all aborted before window appear. Increasing  this

private static int framewait = 5;

will help. I set it to 50 and its always work(little overkill but i dont mind) .

p.s. i know this is old post, but issue still here. and this is a great mod(i really tired of transfering 20 kerbals on disembark/embark so they plant flag and back).

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