OPM Cloud configurations for SciFiVE

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Needs a link on SpaceDock to this thread, and this thread needs some PICTURES! :P

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Looks good, if i actually had the computer to RUN OPM is defenetely give it a try.  Why ohh why does KSP lag so badly when i try to load too many mods and fly entire fleets of 500+ part count each warships...

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I've got a problem. I got the original sci-five, ran that, works great, got OPM, ran that, works great, downloaded this, and ehhh not so much. That is, it doesn't look like any of the OPM planets have any clouds on 'em. I guessed maybe it was because the original was named scifivisualenchancements (emphasis on the c), and the OPM version was called scifivisualenhancements. So I tried merging them - nope, that just kept it from working for the stock planets. If someone needs any game or computer info to help, let me know, because I know very little about computers. For the record, I'm using the macbook air early 2015 potato edition. So if anybody is willing and able to provide assistance, thanks.

Update: This isn't exactly a "never mind, it's fixed", but I did some fiddling, and, well, guess who forgot to install boulderco for the environmental visual enhancements? I'm seeing haze around Tetko, and, of course, Eeloo, but none of the OPM gas giants are changed (no visible atmosphere like Jool), and neither are any other moons that might have a visible atmosphere. If this is how it's supposed to work, great, sorry for wasting your time.

Update to the update: Might have something to do with the fact that I went for the high performance version of Sci-five OPM.

Update in it's ultimate form: At this point I don't really need help with OPM that badly, and I just wanted to delete this post before anyone saw it. Unfortunately, I don't even know how to do that. Anybody know how to delete a forum post?

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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