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Exploring The Amazing Galileo's Planet Pack

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I recently started a new game with the Galileo's Planet Pack installed. The planet's are about a billion times more awesome than stock, in my humble opinion. So, after reading reading all kinds of cool mission reports here, I desided to make my own. I'm not going to bore you with the exact delta-V values for every single maneuver. Or even tell you about every single maneuver. This will be more about the journey and the eye-candy, and less about technical details. Except when I do something I consider especially cool ;).

Part one is just about getting on the way.



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15 hours ago, astroheiko said:

I like the design of your vehicles and the pictures are great too. I'm quite curious about how you will land on Tellumo and Catullus, when the time has come.

Thanks! Usually I build my crafts thinking only about the functionality. I was inspired by your pretty ships to build something pretty myself :) I like the way it looks, but docking with the ring is not that much fun…

The landing will be very interesting for me too, as I have only tested the crafts at Gael:D

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Aww... that's nice. It is similar to me. When I saw the pictures of eddiew I also wanted to build such beautiful things. If I'm honest, your rover looks much better than my lander.

You only tested on Gael? Wow! This is brave. The re-entry maneuver at Tellumo will be very exciting.


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The Tellumo Explorer arrived to the destination! The atmosphere in there is quite a beast :o

By the way, I have over 80 mods installed. If you have some questions about those (or anything else), feel free to ask.

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