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Parachute Bugs



I have been having some problems with my mods.  I would appear that one of the mods I have has broken the parachutes (the parachutes are empty objects, when I put them on my ship I get the warning that I don't have any parachutes, they don't show up in staging, so on, they just don't exist from a function standpoint), some other things, and all of BDArmory.  I could go through taking out each one and trying it but my computer is a bit slow and it would take hours.  I'm hoping I can get a quicker response on the forums.  I'm going to list everything in my GameData folder, so if you know of any clashes, please tell me.



















Squad (of course)




and a few versions of module manager


I feel stupid to ask about this since I have been playing for 4 years, but I don't have time to go through them myself anymore.

Thanks in advance!

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Moving to Technical Support.

Good ol' process of elimination is your best bet. Note that you don't do it one of at a time. Do it to HALF of your mods; that'll tell you which half the problem is in. Then slice that in half, the same way. Will only take you at most 5 game restarts.

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2 hours ago, DrLicor said:

You can't have a few versions of module manager, it will break the game.

Really?  I was under the impression that MM has code in it that checks "is there another one of me?  yes?  okay, am I the newest?  no?  okay, unloading myself, gbye!"  ...in other words, you only need one version, but that having additional older ones sitting next to it is harmless.

Is that not the case?

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@Snark, I could be wrong, but it has been seeing it more than one time here on the forum that they suggest to remove old MM's. :/

EDIT1(but seeing that realshute is needed for working with FAR, I think I'm indeed probably wrong about it, I'm sorry)

EDIT2(next time I'll do research before I suggest things haha, looking up the situation on google leads me to a reddit topic, here they also say it can be bad. But again, I'm not sure :) :


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