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The PartTools package is a set of utilities provided by Squad to be used by modders to:-

  • Create their own 3D models and parts in KSP.
  • Create KSPedia pages for their mods.
  • Create Internal 3D models for their parts in KSP.

PartTools also includes the coloranimation tool and the KSPAssetCompiler tool (for compiling asset bundles).

PartTools have been updated and re-compiled for Unity 2019.4.18f1 for KSP 1.12+ to include all of these tools in one unity asset bundle.
Current latest version is here


To install Follow these Instructions:

  • Download Unity 2019.4.18f1 and run it. Then open your Mod project, upgrade it to Unity 2019.4.18f1.
  • Uninstall the built-in Unity TMPro package from Unity 2019.4.18f1 - Go to Window - Package Manager in Unity and Select TMPro and uninstall it.
  • Download this exact file "TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56 - Unity 2017.3 " from https://forum.unity.com/threads/useful-information-download-links.458634/#post-3304434 and import it into your Mod project in Unity using Assets - Import Package, Custom Package menu option.
  • Import the custom bundle in the zip file above into your Unity project.
  • Disable "Validate References" for the KSPAssedCompiler.dll and KSPAssets.dll in the "Assets/Plugins/KSPAssets" folder.
  • Restart Unity and reopen your mod project.
  • That's ALL you have to do.

For information about how to build and use fonts for Localization please refer to this link.

Previous Versions:

For the old Unity 2019.2.2f1 PartTools use this file:


For the old Unity 2017 PartTools you can use this file:


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PartTools for KSP 1.5.0 has been updated. Link in the opening post above.
This includes the new part shaders.
Also fixed a bug with localspace offset on IVA models (when exported) then being spawned for prop placement being placed in the wrong position in world space when spawned from parttools.
NB: PartTools still requires Unity 2017.1.3p1.

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Part Tools has been updated for KSP 1.9.0
This was required to cater for changes make to KSPedia loading.
Also removed the second/legacy copy of the part shaders from the bundle.

Link in the opening post above.

NB: Part Tools now requires Unity 2019.2.2f1

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Part tools has been updated for KSP 1.10.x.


- removed old shaders that were causing confusion.
- fixed exported internal spaces not working if you had your OS set to non-English.
- uses newer Free TMPro that corresponds to the one we use in KSP. So make sure you update that in your project.
- fixed issue where mod created fonts were not working/being loaded into KSP main game.
- added some of the newer part shaders we now use.

NB: Part Tools now requires Unity 2019.2.2f1

There is a link above to the older Unity 2017 version if you still want to use that.


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New PartTools has been updated above in the opening post for the new Unity version. 2019.4.18f1 LTS.

  • Fixed the TMPro integration issues provided you follow the instructons in the opening post.
  • Fixed the KSPAssets.DLL issues.
  • Fixed the offset issues in IVA models when system OS language is not set to English (culture invariance).
  • Fixed shader issues.
  • The PartTools component now has an option to optionally write out the textures - so you can just write out the mu file only or both the mu file and the texture files.
  • The PartTools component now allows you to export multiple objects (parts) at once by multi-selecting them in the hierarchy you will be presented with a multi-object export custom inspector drawer.

Links to the older versions of PartTools are also included above if you still want to use those.

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