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As I am playing on a low-end laptop, I'm pressed to minimize the number of parts on my vessels. In a lot of cases I simply edit config files to make parts "denser" (for example, more weight, cost, and electric charge on batteries) instead of spamming the same parts, but fiddling with crew capacity causes issues. I need a low part count solution to building craft with 50-100 crew capacity for completing the TourismPlus hotel and casino contracts, and for transporting dozens of tourists to them without loading in 600 parts during docking. Ideally, I would like some 2.5m parts with 10+ crew capacity and some 3.75m parts with similar capacity. The Mk3 crew container obviously fits these parameters, but I would like something that fits into the other form factors.


Edit: I'm specifically looking for parts mods that are compatible with 1.1.3, although advice on config editing is also 100% welcome.

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Hey there. Concerning your crew capacity problem, it may help to remove the INTERNAL {} configNode (disabling IVA view) for the parts that you're increasing the crew capacities of. It's safe to assume that the IVAs bug out as they'll be trying to render the extra kerbals but wouldn't know where to put them. This should work for you, disabling the IVA for any part with more than 3 seats.



This mod may be your answer. It has a few long 2.5m parts that all apparently hold 10 crew. There are Mk3 or 3.75m parts too but for the brief time I installed it I was only looking for 2.5m cabins. Anyway, here you go. Also if there's Tweakscale support you can scale the 2.5m parts and make your 100 seat 3.75m airplane with just one cabin. :P 



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