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Experienced coder interested in modding

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I'd like to start making mods. I have a few in mind, but have a few questions. There is an excellent post from a year ago about this topic here:

I want to know if this information and the information linked within is still valid. I would hate to get started only to discover that I didn't download the correct version of the tools I need.

There is also a tutorial on making assets:

This one looks like it's been around a while, and I wasn't sure if it was up to date. 

Any recommendations and advice is greatly appreciated!



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MaErDa Corp is looking for a experienced coder.

We can train you and give hints on modding KsP.

We can provide models and texture to work with.

Contact me in private if you are interested



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I'm actually not sure on asset importing, but for the most part the basic idea hasn't changed (even if some of the classes have). On the simple end you have config hacks and ModuleManager patches. Very little prior knowledge required, it's basically editing text files. If you want to put some logic in your mods, C# over Mono is the usual solution (though some people are a bit braver and go for C++). The game goes through everything in the GameData folder and loads any compatible DLL it finds.

And since it looks like Warsoul has just replied while I was writing this, I'll shut up and let him probably advise on how to import assets. Heh.


Edit: How could I forget to link to the API docs? Here:

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API docs

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If you want to spread your wings, KSPI-E is always  looking for developers with a love for science.


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