Keep the planets as a telescope image until a ship visits them (fog of discovery?)

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In my concept, the player can do whatever they like, but in the case of not having scanned, they will not have a detailed MAP view. You can still extemporaneously land, anywhere.

I suppose in my fog of war idea, I would want to make it harder for probes, since they'd not be able to pilot on the fly... this of course would require tools in game to make probe-landing easy for players (entirely a UI issue), but having decided to deorbit (perhaps marking a target on the surface), the probe lands within some circle of that, and if it's not flat... so be it.

That also gives more rationale for pilots.

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14 hours ago, regex said:

So what happens if I think that's boring gameplay and just send Kerbals directly? Do I get a massive lag spike when I enter SOI or do I land on Planet Fuzz?


I'd assume kerballed pods like camera probes would trigger random calculation of the map. After all that time drifting in an inky void I'd be looking out the window and grabbing photos of anything interesting.  Plus well drifting in the inky void is low cpu demand game and perfect for delayed random detail generation of a body you have an encounter with. 

So by the time you land even if you go express the detail will be revealed. 

Agree fully don't want to punish the Kerbal Way of just hit and hope. To me it's all more about getting more detail, more features, more meaning, more things to do, more reasons to look, even maybe more options for starting in a completely different syste


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On ‎22‎.‎05‎.‎2017 at 5:03 AM, JPLRepo said:

Yes it's in the process of being changed... you can still click.. but there are also contracts now (i've struggled to find the time to complete it). But I will after 1.3.

Your effort is still very much appreciated. ResearchBodies is especially good when trying out new planet packs or solar system reshuffles. :) 

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