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KSP Challenge: Taking the scenic route!

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On 20.5.2017 at 0:34 AM, LoSBoL said:

Thank you Adelaar :)   Shots haven't been edited though, Just some visual mods and KSP running on a cheap multi monitor setup of a 24" main monitor flanked by 2 17" monitors.
I'm thinking about writing a tutorial on how I did this since KSP loves to run super widescreen and second hand smaller monitors are easy and cheap to get a hold off these days. A half descent graphicscard and desk space is all that is needed.

which visual mods do you use?

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That was harder than expected! I made a new rocket and then tailored the disconnect to times when I wanted things to happen. I fired straight up. The first stage then dropped off and I fired 100% horizontal. The second stage dropped off, and then the guessing game began. I waited until I thought I was about horizontal (some testing ahead of time helped me figure out when that would be) and then I fired up the last stage. The orbital camera would flip on and then I'd fire for just a bit longer. Knowing when you're at the ap and pe AFTER you have orbit is easier. So I orbited a couple time, fired retro at ap and proceeded towards the landing location. Took me about 3 launches with gui to get my rocket right and then think about the staging. One without to mess up badly. One back with gui with some edits and then one without. The last one went perfect. A bit of a hack but fun nonetheless. I miss seeing Valentina's face though! Here is a picture of me coming back in for the landing. I couldn't tell if the landing was optional or not. It turns out in this run I didn't stick the landing. I was messing around and didn't destage before heat got to me.


You can see the aero forces only because my other screen cap turned them on. I was using steam's F12 key. Is there a ksp bind for that?

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Leathy and Zelanda decided to make a scenic flight the other way around, slightly towards northeast northwest with their beloved Dreamchaser. Clearly without GUI. Let`s see what happened, first try:


I put the flight in spoilers, Leathy dipped obviuosly the upper atmosphere after the orbitburn, but they made it amazingly:



And now they are waiting for rescue recovery, luckily! :D


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On ‎21‎-‎5‎-‎2017 at 1:56 AM, FuzzyHead said:

which visual mods do you use?

I guess they are the most used ones, I looked them up in CKAN

-Distant Object Enhancement
-Engine Lighting
-Enviromental Visual Enhancements
-Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier
-Planetshine (default config)
-Real Plume (Stock configs)
-Reentry Particle Effects
-SmokeScreen - Extended FX Plugin
-Solver Engines plugin
-Stock Visual Enhancements: Scatterer Configs
-Stock Visual ENhancements: Sunflare
-Stock Visual Enhancements-High Res Textures
-Stock Visual Terrain (for Windows)

Forgot the skybox, which I got from here

Graphicscard is an NVidia 970GTX

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Here Goes: (I'm using GravityTurn Continued)



The ship


launch TWR approx. = 0.97


I need moar struts


Oh no....



reload tomorrow.

It failed.



launch 2


We take flight!

*Footage Missing*

You know what?

The payload pivoted 70 degrees out of the fairing.


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Took a few tries, and remembering to switch control points, but The Orange Ones got to see all the scenery, even under the water...

Might want to watch it at double speed, or skip through some parts...


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I took @Badie's instructions literally and didn't use the overlay or map view :wink:, but this was a personal challenge for me as it's the first time I flew a mission entirely from the IVA.

Here are the highlights of the flight of the Minestrone-Aspic (6:00 - click CC for mission profile):

... and here's the entire flight (21:33 - click CC for mission profile):

No cuts in the full video (just some time warping) but I did splice in additional footage from a second, nearly identical flight to make it a little more interesting to watch.


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On ‎5‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 10:08 AM, Badie said:



Check out the amazing and creative entries of last week challenge!


This week we have another theme for you: "Taking the scenic route"

Launch a craft to orbit with the overlay turned off and no map view, optional a polar orbit AND OF COURSE LAND!
Share your screenshots, videos or images. We want you to have fun and share it with the whole community!

I wish squad did a rover challenge ;(.

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17 minutes ago, The Moose In Your House said:

I wish squad did a rover challenge ;(.

There is a thread available where you can submit your idea... I know for a fact @Badie reads this. Please feel free to submit your rover idea... I'm all for rovers!


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On 5/18/2017 at 0:11 AM, qzgy said:

Well this wasn't too hard

  Hide contents




Kinda follows an r-7 esque shape, the craft (creatively named Untitled Spacecraft) accelerates up.


Booster Ditch! Really hard to prevent myself from F2-F1, as I have muscle memory now for that...


Core stage goes on a bit further...


Hullcam ish shot. Ditched soon afterwards for...


Circularization. I just guessed on this one.

  Reveal hidden contents

To actually judge altitude (Above 70km, I just used the timewarp feaure :D)


Somewhere in orbit


De-orbit burn. Kinda random ,boosted until the camera changed


Trying to slow down more, but there's atmosphere. Also ditched that SM kinda module


Falling again.


Chute deployed


Now completely deployed and slowing down


I was trying to burn to slow down a bit, but stuff still exploded


Capsule survived though - Success!

Would I do it again - not planning to.

mind me asking what visual mods you use?

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