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How can I move the SpaceCenter camera to a new Object

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You want to move the camera, or change its focus? Changing its focus would just require rotating it to look at something else, which you can do with camera.transform.LookAt(Vector3 position).

KSP has multiple cameras, so you might need to move more than just the main camera (or the other cameras might be children of the main camera and would rotate along with it). And KSP might also try to move its focus back.

You can try to look into the SpaceCenterCamera class, if you haven't already, though I'm not sure where you can get a reference to it from KSP.

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On ‎11‎.‎06‎.‎2017 at 9:14 AM, JPLRepo said:

Moving the cameraS will be problematic. Yes there are multiple cameras.
Where do you want to move it to?

My plan was to move the camera to a different base. (for Kerbal-Konstructs) from my testing the best case I got was a short blink of the selected base, but then it switched back to the KSC.

I tried the following

// I only got one cam in the KSC overview
SpaceCenterCamera2 cam in Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll(typeof(SpaceCenterCamera2).First() 

cam.transform.position = [newposition I got elsewhere]

after reading your latest devblog I think I might have missed something, perhaps the I didn't move the master cam object or something else is resetting the cam, when ist is to far away from the KSC PQSCity object, because in the KSCSwitcher mod there is nothing special done to move the cam, so maybe it is tied to the PQSCity GameObject,

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