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[1.3.X][Kopernicus] Rooster's Planet Pack

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Rooster's Planet Pack

Explore a star, 5 planets and 12 moons with this new awesome mod! [WIP]

The new planets and stars:



Ilvan is a G2V yellow main-sequence star located 26500000000 km away from Kerbol. By being a yellow star, scientists believe that it wold have one or more Kerbin-like planets.

RADIUS: 261800 km

DISTANCE: 26500000000000 m from Kerbol

GRAVITY :1.75 g

SOI: 1000000000 km

100% complete



Sweater is a large, hot planet orbiting close to Ilvan. It has many dunes. It has a red thin atmosphere that heats up everything that touches it. Landing here will be a challenge!

RADIUS: 720 km

DISTANCE: 5000000000 m from Ilvan

GRAVITY: 1.72 g



100% complete



Giro is a Kerbin-like terra planet. It is also called ''the large blue marble of Ilvan''. Giro is teeming with life, having dense jungles at the lowlands, and temperate rain forests at the highlands. Based on a terraformed venus map.

RADIUS: 637 km

DISTANCE: 15000000000 m from Ilvan

GRAVITY: 1.00 g

ROTATION PERIOD: 1 day, 2 hours


MOONS: 2 (Barnevelder,Brahma)

100% complete

Miner Blue Gold


Miner Blue Gold is a beautiful golden gas giant with a large ring system. It has 67 moonlets and 5 large moons. Moonlets simulated by asteroids.

RADIUS: 9000 km

DISTANCE: 25000000000 m from Ilvan

ROTATION PERIOD: 2 days, 5 hours


MOONS: 5 (Australorp, Niederrheiner, Longcrower, Augsburger, Langshan)

100% Complete



A small gas giant without rings, Araucana is the smallest gas giant of the whole Ilvan system, and the farthest one.

RADIUS: 4520 km

DISTANCE: 55000000000 m from Ilvan

ROTATION PERIOD: 6 days, 5 hours


MOONS: 3 (Rosecomb, Vorwerk, Orpington)

100% complete



Denizli is the last planet of the Ilvan System. It is a frigid ice planet that orbits in an eccentric orbit. It has cryovolcanic activity on its surface. I had plans to add the cryovolcano FX using scatterer or something like that (Please Help)

RADIUS: 200 km

DISTANCE: 125000000000 m from Ilvan

ROTATION PERIOD: 14 days, 5 hours


MOONS: 2 ( Denizli I and II)

100% complete


ScienceDefs: 1/17 complete

QUESTION: Are all planets called like chicken breeds?


QUESTION: It has compatibility with other mods?

ANSWER: No yet, but I plan that (Is still a WIP).

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@EnriqueBNew I think this should be in the Addons Development forum, assuming it's quite new and still very underdeveloped, and because there's no download link.


Report your own thread to get the moderators to move it.

Screenshots = Interest. :wink: 

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Someone please help me with the ScienceDefs! I will give the list of planets and biomes:

Sweater ( A large hot volcanic planet with one side molten.)

Biomes: Molten areas, Lowlands, Midlands and high flats.

Giro ( A kerbin-sized tropical habitable body)

Biomes: Oceans, Inland Waters, Temperate Rain Forests, Tropical rain forests.

Barnevelder: A gray moon of giro.

Biomes: Mainland , Highlands, Mountains, Darken Areas and Leviathan sea (A large solid magma sea).

Brahma: A mint-colored moon of Giro.

Biomes: Icy Plain, Mainland, Mountain Base, Mountains.

Miner Blue Gold moons:

Australorp: A desert terra with apparently no life.

Biomes: Oceans, Inland Waters, Mainland, Highlands, Peaks.

Niederrheiner: A small oceania with frozen ice islands.

Biomes: Oceans, Inland lake, Ice plains, Lowlands, Highlands.

Longcrower ( from the rooster Kosovo longcrower): A colossal brown moon of Miner Blue Gold.

Biomes: Lowlands, Midlands, Highlands, Cracks.

Augsburger: A cracked gray moon of Miner Blue Gold.

Biomes: Mainland, Low cracks, mid cracks, deep cracks.

Langshan: A golden moon of Miner Blue Gold

Biomes: Deep cracks, Cracks, Mainland, Highlands

Moons of Araucana:

Rosecomb: A yellow volcanic moon of Araucana.

Biomes: Mainland, Highlands, Lowlands, Volcanoes, Volcano Craters.

Vorwerk: A grayish small moon of Araucana.

Biomes: Depths, Lowlands, Midlands, Highlands.

Orpington: A lime green moon of Araucana.

Biomes: Dark green areas, Greenish Lowlands, Midlands, Yellowish Highlands.

Denizli: An ice planet with cryovolcanic activity.

Biomes: Ice crust, Frozen lakes, Mountains.

Denizli I: Icy first moon of denizli.

Biomes: Cracks, Lowlands, Midlands, Highlands.

Denizli II: Gray bumpy moon of Denizli.

Biomes: Lowlands, midlands, highlands.

Please also check some parameters of the planets in the forum page. :)



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