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Good News, Fellow Kerbals! (It's a bug)


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I have recently discovered a bug, in which, you can clear ALL of your missions, without penalties! All you have to do is get a ton of mods (like me) that lag up a crappy computer (like me) to achieve this! Meaning to go to the Mission Control Center, instead "accidentally" click on the SPH. Then, in the top right corner (where the "leave" button is), spam your mouse till' your finger falls off (make sure it is still loading while your spamming). Then, it will load again (without the SPH innards appearing), and when you go back to the view of the Space Center, click on the Mission Control Center. Then go to "Active", and bask in the glory of FREE MONEY!! You get money for accepting contracts, then with this, you get out of them free of penalty. You can always get them back, because they appear in the "Available" tab after your leave then come back in (after completing the glitch). WARNING: It also clears your archived missions as well, so if you like bragging about your first launch or building a orbital base around Kerbin, don't do this glitch.

But seriously, i was going to go into the MCC, but accidentally clicked on the SPH (or somewhere in the middle). As explained above, i spammed my mouse to leave the SPH while it was loading, and when i came out, i went into the MCC and all of my missions were cancelled, but i still had my money from accepting them. I also looked at my archives, and they are cleared as well. If you know why this happened, or want to try it yourself, please reply.

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11 hours ago, Starman4308 said:

Can it be reproduced?

Can you add it to the KSP bug tracker with logs?

Also, you can do this far more easily with just the debug menu, so it's an exploit very few would use.


I haven't tried to reproduce it, but i will do so.

I don't know what the KSP Bug Tracker is.

I know about the debug menu, that was just a way to introduce the bug.

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