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Hotkeys for SAS hold buttons?



Hey guys, quick question here.  BTW, I tried my best to search for an answer, but couldn't seem to find one, so I apologize if it's been asked before.

Are there hotkeys for the SAS hold buttons?  I especially use the 'hold prograde' throughout a lot of the ascent of my rockets.  I'm visually impaired, so it's been a thing where I have to pause the game to give me time to find and click the button, and it's kind of getting old.  Might there be a mod that allows me to assign these SAS holds to action-groups?


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Nope, as far as I know there are no hotkey for the SAS buttons in stock KSP.
However, there's a mod for it. :) 

(since you are visually impaired, on the right top, there's a green button, 'clone or download', click that one, select the right option, download zip. After that you unzip it all in the GameData folder)


Sidenote, I've no idea if it work, since it's quite a time ago it got updated.

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