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What does your GameData folder look like?


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I'm wondering what your GameData folder looks like. For those without mods, all there will be is a "squad" folder. I'm curious about how many mods you guys use. Here's mine:


EDIT: does this go in the modded discussion, or is it good here?

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5 hours ago, rockets-don't-make-toast said:

I had like 5 mods, until 1.3 came out.


The ten folders above my GameData folder are all error reports generated after my failed attempts to get my mods to work. But, if you notice, the last one is two hours old. I am only here because it is night time on Minius, and the batteries on my miners died.


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[email protected]:~/Games/KSP_linux/GameData$ ls
000_AT_Utils                      KAS                                 NearFutureSpacecraft
000_USITools                      KAX                                 NESDparts
B9PartSwitch                      KeepItStraight                      NodeSplitter
BahaSP                            KerbalHacks                         OrbitalSurveyPlus
BetterTimeWarp                    KerbalJointReinforcement            PlanetShine
Bloody_looser                     KerbNetController                   PortraitStats
BonVoyage                         KIS                                 ProceduralFairings
CoherentContracts                 KramaxAutoPilot                     RCSBuildAid
ColorCodedCans                    KSP-AVC                             RealChute
CommunityCategoryKit              KSPRescuePodFix                     scatterer
CommunityResourcePack             LETech                              ScienceRelay
CommunityTechTree                 MechJeb2                            SensiblePumpsCont
ConfigurableContainers            MemGraph                            SpaceY-Expanded
ContractConfigurator              MiniAVC                             SpaceY-Lifters
ContractPacks                     MiningExpansion                     Squad
DMagicOrbitalScience              MK1CabinHatch                       StageRecovery
DMagicScienceAnimate              Mk1CargoBay                         StationPartsExpansion
EditorExtensionsRedux             Mk2Expansion                        StockVisualEnhancements
EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements   Mk3Expansion                        SurfaceLights
ExperimentTracker                 ModRocketSysLite                    TakeCommand
FerramAerospaceResearch           ModularFlightIntegrator             TextureReplacer
FerramAerospaceResearch_1.tar.gz  ModuleManager.2.7.6.dll             Trajectories
FerramAerospaceResearch_2.tar.gz  ModuleManager.ConfigCache           TriggerTech
FerramAerospaceResearch_3.tar.gz  ModuleManager.ConfigSHA             TrimPlus
FerramAerospaceResearch_4.tar.gz  ModuleManager.Physics               UmbraSpaceIndustries
FerramAerospaceResearch.tar.gz    ModuleManager.TechTree              UniversalStorage
Firespitter                       MusicMute                           VanguardTechnologies
FuelTanksPlus                     NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE  VesselMover
GroundConstruction                NearFutureConstruction              WaypointManager
HeatControl                       NearFutureElectrical                WheelSounds
HideEmptyTechTreeNodes            NearFutureProps                     ZZ_Local_MM
InterstellarFuelSwitch            NearFuturePropulsion                ZZZ_stand-up guyised_Mods
JFJohnny5                         NearFutureSolar

Ignore the idiotic profanity filter on the last entry, that this operates in code boxes is properly mind-boggling. Code boxes are supposed to present input verbatim, with no mangling or formatting!

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  • 2 weeks later...



that's the furthest I've gotten so far whilst being able to maintain near total stability and performance... load times are between 5 and 10 minutes depending on whether MM can load patches from cache or not (having the console open significantly slows it down, so I just alt+tab and let it run its course, it's a single threaded process anyways, and my 2x6-core hyperthreading CPU can easily do anything else in the meantime)

once all is loaded, the RAM footprint sits in the vicinity of 10GB - which is fine, with a 16GB physical maximum before windows even has to begin paging stuff to "disk" (mind the quotes, there are no moving parts for storage on my PC anymore)... mind that windows always does this anyways, any sections of ram not in frequent use will be paged, unless disabled by rather obscure settings, the kind you might mess up your PC by fiddling with - with an SSD, this is not as noticeable as it was back in the days of mechanical disk drives


also, if you've noticed the "hidden" folders, those are really just a method I was using for identifying problematic mods by removing chunks of troublemaking candidates and visually identifying those who had been already checked, once I found the issue, I just left them as they were, so that's why half of them appear that way - this has no impact in how the game operates, so without such features as "folder tags" on windows, (few gripes with win7 I got) marking a folder as  "hidden" is a decent enough workaround (icons have to be set one at a time, alas - otherwise, they'd work even better)

I've then evolved my maintenance procedures to work around the  concept of a "quarantine folder" - then I can use that to isolate a potential troublesome "chunk" and painstakingly reduce the group to a culprit by a process of trial, error and research (I usually google the current "chunk" for known issues as the game takes its sweet time to load)

lately with this method, I've so far been able to clear out issues that had in the past been causes of "great derps" and could only be resolved by a full mod-hoard reset, which as we all know, is quite a traumatic event - this is my all time record in bulk mod assembly with no cost besides requiring some patience while it loads





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Oh. So we're necroposting now? Alright, I'm game. :sticktongue:

Mine is mostly utilities and aesthetics. I swore off parts mods as I never ended up using any of the parts in them. TweakScale gives me 100x more parts, but even then, I do have some installed as they have parts that I felt were missing from the game, such as aircraft parts.



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000_AT_Utils                            HabTech2                                PartCommanderContinued
000_ClickThroughBlocker                 Hangar                                  PartWizard
000_FilterExtensions                    HaystackContinued                       PatchManager
000_FilterExtensions_Configs            HeatControl                             PhantomAerospace
000_Toolbar                             Historian                               PhotonSail
000_USITools                            IndicatorLights                         PlanetaryBaseInc
001_ToolbarControl                      IndicatorLightsCommunityExtensions      PoodsSkyboxes
0Harmony.                    IntegratedPhoenixIndustries             PortraitStats
ABCORS                                  Interkosmos                             PreciseNode
APUS_Shuttle                            InternalRCS                             ProceduralFairings
ASET                                    InterstellarFuelSwitch                  ProceduralFairingsRetext
AdvancedTextures                        JSI                                     QuantumStrutsContinued
AirlockPlus                             JSat                                    QuickMods
Airlocks                                JX2Antenna                              RATPack
Alcentar_Rescue_system                  JanitorsCloset                          RCSBuildAid
AllYAll                                 KAS                                     REPOSoftTech
AnimatedAttachment                      KEI                                     RLA_Reborn
AntennaHelper                           KIS                                     ReCoupler
AquilaEnterprises                       KOOSE                                   ReStock
AttitudeAdjuster                        KSP-AVC                                 ReStockPlus
AutoAGL                                 KSPModFileLocalizer.dll                 ResonantOrbitCalculator
AutoAsparagus                           KSPRescuePodFix                         RetractableLiftingSurface
B9PartSwitch                            KSPWheel                                S.A.V.E.dat
BAE                                     KWRocketry                              SCANsat
BOMPs                                   KerbalAtomics                           SHED
BahaEPL                                 KerbalAtomicsNTRsUseLF                  STMRibbons
BahaSP                                  KerbalChangelog                         SXT
BargainRockets                          KerbalEngineer                          ScienceAlert
Benjee10_sharedAssets                   KerbalFoundries                         ScienceLabInfo
BetterBurnTime                          KerbalHacks                             ScienceRelay
BetterCrewAssignment                    KerbalJointReinforcement                SensiblePumpsCont
BetterSRBs                              KerbalKonstructs                        SensibleScreenshot
BetterScienceLabsContinued              KerbalKonstructs-WaterLaunchSites       ShipManifest
BonVoyage                               KerbalOccupationColors                  SituationModuleInfo
CFH                                     Kerbalow                                SlingShotter
CameraFocusChanger                      KerbetrotterLtd                         SmartParts
Champagne                               KermangeddonIndustries                  SpaceTuxIndustries
ChopShop                                KesslerSyndrome                         SpaceY-Expanded
CircBurn                                Knes                                    SpaceY-Lifters
Coatl Aerospace                         Kopernicus.zip                          SpeedUnitAnnex
CollisionFXUpdated                      KrakenScience                           Squad
Colonist                                Kunedo                                  SquadExpansion
ComfortableLanding                      Kurrikane                               SquiggsySpaceResearch
CommNetAntennasExtension                LETech                                  StageRecovery
CommNetAntennasInfo                     Landertron                              StationKeeping
CommunityCategoryKit                    LandingHeight                           StationPartsExpansionRedux
CommunityResourcePack                   LaunchNumbering                         StationScience
CommunityTechTree                       Lionhead_Aerospace_Inc                  StationalCunstructs
CommunityTraitIcons                     MADLAD                                  StreamlineEnginesTanks
ConfigurableContainers                  MP_Nazari                               SunFixer
CorrectCOL                              MSP3000                                 SuperfluousNodes
CoyoteSpaceIndustries                   ManeuverQueue                           SurfaceExperimentPackage
CrewLight                               MarsDirect                              SurfaceLights
CrowdSourcedScience                     MechJeb2                                TDIndustriesRCSandHypergolicengines
CryoTanks                               MechJebForAll                           TDProps
DKSalvage                               MemorialWall                            TRP-Hire
DMagicOrbitalScience                    MinAmbience                             TacFuelBalancer
DMagicScienceAnimate                    MiningExpansion                         TacSelfDestruct
DStaal                                  MissingHistory                          Tantares
DecouplerShroud                         Mk2Expansion                            TarsierSpaceTech
DeepSky                                 ModPods                                 ThrottleControlledAvionics
DeployableEngines                       ModRocketSys                            TokamakIndustries
DiRT                                    ModularFlightIntegrator                 TooManyOrbits
DiamondGrid                             ModuleManager.4.0.2.dll                 TotalTime
Diazo                                   ModuleManager.ConfigCache               TrackingLights
DistantObject                           ModuleManager.ConfigSHA                 TrackingStationEvolved
DockSafe                                ModuleManager.Physics                   TrainingLab
DoubleTapBrakes                         ModuleManager.TechTree                  Trajectories
DynamicBatteryStorage                   MunSeeker                               TriCrossSection
ESLD CommNet                            MunarIndustries                         TriggerTech
ESLDBeacons                             NEBULA                                  TrimIndicators
EVAEnhancementsContinued                NSS                                     UberDyneAstronautics
EVAStruts                               NTRsUseLF                               UmbraSpaceIndustries
EasyBoard                               NavyFish                                Undockinator
EasyVesselSwitch                        NearFutureConstruction                  UniversalStorage2
EditorExtensionsRedux                   NearFutureElectricaNTRs                 V2.0Industries
EngineLightRelit                        NearFutureElectrical                    VariantPersist
ExceptionDetectorUpdated                NearFutureLaunchVehicles                VentralDrill
ExperimentTracker                       NearFutureProps                         WBIPlayMode.cfg
ExplodiumBreathingEngines               NearFuturePropulsion                    WaypointManager
ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads                NearFutureSolar                         WhoAmI
FShangarExtender                        NearFutureSpacecraft                    WildBlueIndustries
FieldTrainingFacility                   NehemiahInc                             Workshop
FillItUp                                Nereid                                  WorldStabilizer.zip
FinalFrontier.dat                       OPT                                     X-20-Moroz
Firespitter                             OPT_Legacy                              XyphosAerospace
FlagRotate                              OPT_Reconfig                            kerbal heatshield
FlexoDocking                            OSUV                                    kerbodynePlus
FlightPlan                              OneWindow                               masTerTorch
FlightPlan.zip                          OpenCockpit                             notes
FuseboxContinued                        OrbitalColony                           toolbar-settings.dat
GravityTurn                             OrbitalTug                              totaltime.dat
GroundConstruction                      Outer Kerbin                            unBlur.0.5.0.dll
GroundEffect.zip                        PAWS                                    zFinal_FilterExtensions
Grounded                                ParkingBrake

The .zip files are mods I've disabled semi-temporarily for one reason or another. 

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