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2 hours ago, _JebediahKerman said:

Hello, other kerbals here[DOT] Can someone help me, how to make an .mu model?

My version is 1.1[DOT]

hi mate,

Back to your question; 'Mu' files are compiled by the game engine UNITY. First you have to install the KSP tools in UNITY. This implies that you have installed the game engine (UNITY)

An 'mu' file is generated with UNITY AFTER a 3d model was imported into unity. That means you must first create a 3-d model, and then import it into UNITY. This implies that you have correxctly installed the KSP-Part Tools in UNITY.

The 'mu' object (or the 3-d model) must be 'textured' with a corresponding graphics tool. (eg.'Gimp' or what ever)

So that your 'mu' file (part) works correctly in KSP you must be attached a config file 'cfg' to your PART - there is described what your 'part' in KSP has to fulfill for tasks. 


- an engine has a 'thrust' and type of fuel parameter  .. etc..

- a fuel tank has a 'fuel tank fill' and type of fuel. etc. ..

Study the config-parts of Squad and other mods to learn - begin with modifying existing parts to see what effects these have in the game


You find a lot in the forum .. here some left  - maybe study this link if you want seriously beginning to make mod's for KSP.


I know every beginning is hard - I always say

"at the beginning is not perfektion desiert, but progress.."




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