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Latest happenings on Federatsiya and Angara


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So, a whole bunch of announcements.

Angara-A5P man-rated heavy booster is cancelled.

Federatsiya's inaugural flight is to take place from Baikonur in 2022. It will be integrated with Feniks/Baiterek/fat Zenit with a 4.1 m RD-170M first stage.

Vostochnyi will not receive a manned flight infrastructure until 2025, when a pad for a yet-undetermined Moonshot superheavy is to enter service.

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4 hours ago, Scotius said:

So, what is left of Russian space program? Soyuz, Progress, still not finished Vostochnyi and plans of future greatness? It makes me sad :/

Yep, we're set back about twenty years unless the standard Angara manages to get a life.

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4 hours ago, _Augustus_ said:

I think that Sunkar will fly. It's basically a modernized Zenit, and it's small/cheap enough to fly commercial payloads and Federatsiya.

The key thing to flying Federatsiya on a Zenit replacement made to use zenit infrastructure is that one of the zenit launch pads has a crew access tower already built as part of the numerous failed attempts to replace soyuz so it saves on construction. As is often the case with launch vehicles and spacecraft the cost of launch pad construction supersedes all other design considerations.

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